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 Psp music hack tutorial (change your game music)

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PostSubject: Psp music hack tutorial (change your game music)   Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:10 pm

This video is a step by step tutorial showing you how to change the music of your psp games. In this video, I have used Dissidia as example but it works with any psp games as long as you could find the bgm folder. It shows how to loop also. The method is barely the same as making snd0 for psx eboots.

It only works with games which have separated BGMs from their Package.bin .
You need three softwares:
http://www.psp-hacks.com/download.php... )
http://download.cnet.com/GoldWave/300... )
http://www.zshare.net/download/557024... )

An audio codec:
*Sony AT3(
After downloading it, right click on the .inf file and click on install).

1)Get your MP3 and open it in Goldwave.
2)Do the adjustements you want like increasing sound volume(edit, volume...). Do not increase it too much because it could sound crappy after; try to increase it at different degrees and remember that if it sounds crappy on your pc then it will sound crappy on your psp. Increasing the volume by 5 is the perfect deal for many tracks.
3)Save it in wav format with the at3 adjustment(66kps=lowest quality...).
4)Open Gwat3.exe and drag your fresh wav into the window. Convert it.
5)Rename your track by the name of the one you want to replace in the game.( Here is the list for Dissidia:
B01_01 to B10_02 are the normal battle musics from ff1-10...
B11, B11_02, B11_03 are the chaos throne.
B12 and B12_02 are "dissidia" and "cosmos".
B13 and 14 are the first bgm for ff11 and ff12.
BS1 to 12 are the buyable BGMs from ff1-12.
There are the only tracks you could change in this game).
6)Open your iso with UMDgen.
7)Get to the Bgm folder(Data...).
8)Click whenever but on the files; right click on "add existing files".
9)Select your fresh at3 and replace the originals by them(click on "yes to all").
10)Rebuild your iso(save as, uncompressed(iso)).

Credit goes to Anorhc from Gamefaqs board for finding this method.
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Psp music hack tutorial (change your game music)
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