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 about donation

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PostSubject: about donation   Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:10 am

for those who want to donate i really apriciate

steps on how to donate with us (to improve more about our website/more game cheats, hack, bot, and all about games)

First u should go to any near money transfer on your country

second deliver the money to PHILIPPINES (my address: P.Deguzan St. Claro m Recto angeles city pampanga)

lastly just post here at donation that you donate and the amount of the money (your currency)

for all those who donates advance thank you...

and i maybe give u a hack, cheat, bot, etc that is payable but i will just send it to you..

more donation more givaways ^_^

first 10 donation will recieve:

a blessing, (from other people xD) gaia unbanner (payable at chaosprograming.com, but free on me), gaia gold generator, list of hack, cheat, code on cheat engine, Teach u a little way on how to create own cheat and u will be the author and u can also be my partner to find cheat, hack, etc xD,,, and lastly psp umd i maybe deliver to your address,, others soon

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PostSubject: Re: about donation   Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:30 am

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about donation
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