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 psp applicationssssssssssss

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PostSubject: psp applicationssssssssssss   Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:23 am


[New!]PSP 3000 HomeBrew Enabler (HEN) Revision 2[New!]
Description: The Long Awaited Hack For the PSP 3000 and Other Unhackable PSP's Is Here! Davee Has Released His HEN. It Is Fully Functional, and Has Support for almost Every Single Homebrew!

Hellcats Recover Flasher v1.50
Description: This is version 1.50 of hellcats recovery flasher. Fix your PSP Semi-Bricks without Pandora, upgrade/downgrade and back up flash0/1 with this program! (NEW FEATURES ADDED SINCE 1.41)


PSP Pandora Deluxe v3.1
Description: Version 3.1 of the well know Pandora Deluxe Program. Has everything u need to make your PSP Magic Memory stick!

Custom Firmware 5.00m33-4 With 500.PBP
Description: Update Number 4o to DaX's 5.00m33 Firmware Compilation. Speed increases in game, and Shut down feature in VSH Menu, Most Stable CFW Ever Made.


Description: Ultimate Pandora Installer 4 is another Pandora Ms and Battery Tool compiled into 1 nifty tool. use this to make ur MS and Battery for pandora operation!

Desciption: The 3rd Update to Dark Alex's 3.90m33 Custom Firmware. 390.PBP Is Included!


DESCRIPTION: DaedalusX64 the new Nintendo 64 Emulator For PSP SLIM and PHAT. This download includes to working Zelda Rom's

Zelda: Majora's Mask, and Zelda: Orcarina of Time.

(to get Majora's mask to work, disable everything in the 'rom settings menu' and only when u are playing this game, everything in the 'global settings' menu)


DESCRIPTION: Version 5.00 to Sony’s long lasting PSP system. 5.00 brings new features such as20a new XMB design, a PSN icon on the XMB, auto USB connection, a sleep timer under [music] and more! (some for the 3000 series only)


Custom Firmware 5.00m33 Update -

3.71m33 Custom Firmware Update--371.PBP INCLUDED!


3.71m33-2 Custom Firmware Update 2--371.PBP INCLUDED!


3.71m33-3 Custom Firmware Update 3--371.PBP INCLUDED!







Despertar Cementario v1: http://386c9e4e.linkbucks.com Download
Despertar Cementario v2: http://e2844576.linkbucks.com Download
Despertar Cementario v3: http://49a6a833.linkbucks.com Download
Despertar Cementario v4: http://9f47494b.linkbucks.com Download
Despertar Cementario v5: http://695402ed.linkbucks.com Download
Despertar Cementario v6: http://8a50307e.linkbucks.com Download
Despertar Cementario v7: http://7592e31f.linkbucks.com Download
Despertar Cementario v8: http://14bb9bcc.linkbucks.com Download [Link Fixed]
Despertar Cementario Tutorial: http://14487ef4.linkbucks.com
«Custom Firmware Flash 0 Back Ups [Not Modded]»

3.90m33-3 Flash0 Back Up--Mihd
Password: pspiso.com

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
This Section contains regular Not Categorized PSP Applications.

Some run for PSP and some for PC (like PSPVC)

Please Enjoy the Downloads!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
Bitmap Hunter Version 4.0

Description: Bitmap Hunter is a home-brew app for the PSP
designed to hunt and directly edit monochrome or 256 color bitmaps embedded within binary files. Bitmap Hunter is written by Art.[/color]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
PSP Live TV Streamer

Description: This Handy Application lets you stream live tv to your PSP System Via A Wi-Fi Connection!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
DaedalusX64 Beta 2 Update

Description: The Highly Anticipated Update To The Newest and Greatest PSP N64 Emulator

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
Netfront Internet Browser Beta 3 - High Memory Mod [HMM]

Description: This New Internet Browser Uses the PSP's Ram to allow more Internet Storage, you can now visite larger websites

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
iR Shell 5.00 Multitasking XMB Shell [Alucard_X Upload]

Description: The Latest version to Ahmans iR Shell APPlication. Now able to multitask or, run two applications (game + internet) at the same time! (SLIM ONLY)

http://ca35c277.linkbucks.com - GIVE REP TO ALUCARD X
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Description: This is the preffered PSP MP4 Video converter program. Tailored to convert videos specifically for the PSP System


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Description: Watch videos directly on your PSP with this application, 20+ Video site supported in version 1.9 Optional theme is included

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
IRshell 4.7
Description: Now with 5.00m33-3 support if u dont no what IRshell is then u should lol just download it it will make ur psp into a multi-managing device

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
Daedalus64x beta 1
Description: the beta to the new highly anticipated release of the new N64 emulator

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
PSPSSH 1.2.0
Description: SSH client that now supports multiple sessions!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
PSP IRC client 1.1.6
Description: The Latest IRC Client For The PSP

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Power Manager 2.0
Description: This Nifty Application Helps to control the PSP's Brightness Levels

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Pandora Deluxe v2.7
Description: DJB's AIO Pandora Application for the PC

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
ISO Changer v1.1
Description: switch between emulated UMDs (or ISOs) without any complications

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
Hold 3.1
Description: This Application Utilizes the Hold Button to save Battery Power

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
CXMB 3.3
Description: The newest version of the Custom theme Plugin for 5.00m33-X users

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
PSPWrite 1.2.0
Description: A Text Editor With iR Support

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Akfim 3.3.7
Description: A Instant Messaging Client for the PSP

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
PSPoste Beta 7
Description: A PSP Emial Client

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
PSP Maps 2.0
Description: With a Wi-Fi Connection u can use google maps with your PSP!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
Dark Cheat 3.0
Description: A New Cheat Device for the PSP, Much Like NITEPR and CWCHEAT

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
PSP MSX 1.4.0
Description: PSPMSX is ported from Marat Fayzullin and Vincent van Dam’s work; it emulates the MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ 8bit home computers

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
Description: Use your PSP as a Second Monitor for your Computer

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
PSPVC (PSP Video Conveter) 2.90
Description: Version 2.9 of the Afamed PSP VIdeo Convter Freeware

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
Description: Control your CPU Speed to Save PSP battery Power

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
Description: a FTPD File Client for the PSP

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
AutoStart 5
Description: Use this application to set a program to automatically start when the PSP Boots up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
PSPHUgo 1.0.2
Description: A TurboGrafX 16 Emulator

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
RemoteJoy v0.16
Description: A Bug Fix For Remote Joy v0.14; Use this App to make your PSP a Controller for the PC

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
NervOS v2.2
Description: One of the Most Advanced PSP XMB replacement Shells Around!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
AFKIM 3.3.6 w/ IR Keyboard Support [3.xx +]
Description: A PSP Instant Messaging Client

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
Stick Around To See More On this Thread!, Up Next is Pooper's Appz!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

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PostSubject: Website   Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:48 am

go here for more appss - click here

or here - click here

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Posts : 207
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Age : 30

PostSubject: appssssss   Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:42 pm


All Emulation Games The Best Hosting For The Cheapest Price
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This is my section of the thread =P
Here are some very useful apps and plugins. Some of these are my favourite and are highly recommended ^^
~Enjoy! ^^
Don't forget to leave a comment or +Rep if you download them =P

Click here to +Rep to me (Sylar^)!
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(¯`'·.¸PSP Firmwares!¸.·'´¯)
(¯`'·.¸Homebrew Games!¸.·'´¯)

(¯`'·.¸PSP Firmwares!¸.·'´¯)

5.50 GEN-D2 (Update)

-5.50 GEN-D

-Copy the GEN-D2 folder into ms0:/PSP/Game
-Run GEN-D2 Updater from your memory stick.
-You will no longer need the GEN-D2 folder so you may delete it.

Download: mediafire.com ?gjyqyxmnyzi

5.50 GEN-D (Directly)

-3.52 m33-3 or higher (fat PSP), or 3.60 m33 or higher (Slim PSP), Other firmwares and Official Sony firmwares shouldn't try it.
-Battery at 78% or higher.

-Copy the update folder into ms0:/PSP/Game
-Copy the 5.50.PBP file into the root of your memory stick (where the PSP, seplugins, ISO etc. folders are in).
-Run PSP Update ver GEN from your memory stick and press X to enter.
-Select Flash Install CFW 5.50 GEN-D and press X.
-After the update is complete, press X to reboot - DO NOT skip this by shutting off the psp or putting it on standby, you psp will get bricked.
-You will no longer need the update folder nor the 550.PBP file so you may delete it.

Download: mediafire.com ?z3kjwwjtdyy

1.50 Kernel Addon (For 5.00 m33)

-5.00 m33
-PSP phat (PSP 1000)

-Copy the 150k_installer folder into ms0:/PSP/Game
-Copy the 1.50.PBP file into the root of your memory stick (where the PSP, seplugins, ISO etc. folders are in).
-Run it from your memory stick and black screen will be loaded.
-Follow the instructions on screen.
-You will no longer need the 150k_installer folder nor the 1.50.PBP file so you may delete it.

Download: mediafire.com ?ki2wnv1mj3y

5.00 m33-6 (Directly)

-3.52 m33-3 or higher (fat PSP), or 3.60 m33 or higher (Slim PSP), Other firmwares and Official Sony firmwares shouldn't try it.
-Battery at 78% or higher.

-Copy the update folder into ms0:/PSP/Game
-Run it from your memory stick and black screen will be loaded (This installation is not done by Sony Updater).
-Follow the instructions on screen.
-After installing custom firmware, you will be prompted to reboot - DO NOT skip this by shutting off the psp or putting it on standby, you psp will get bricked.
-You will no longer need the update folder so you may delete it.

Download: mediafire.com ?owkgzzjhjmm

4.01 m33-2 (Directly)

-3.52 m33-3 or higher (fat PSP), or 3.60 m33 or higher (Slim PSP), Other firmwares and Official Sony firmwares shouldn't try it.
-Battery at 78% or higher.

-Copy the update folder into ms0:/PSP/Game
-Run it from your memory stick (Update will be done by Sony Updater).
-After installing custom firmware, you will be prompted to reboot - DO NOT skip this by shutting off the psp or putting it on standby, you psp will get bricked.
-You will no longer need the update folder so you may delete it.

Download: mediafire.com ?cxwldngiyi2


AdhocFile Transfer

This is a very useful app where you can send files from your psp to another psp. The receiving psp will need to have this application as well though.

Download: mediafire.com file/tnmjvz...leTransfer.rar


A handy app that records audio being played on your psp.

Download: mediafire.com file/kmzijj...udiorecord.zip

Bookr v0.7.1

A popular app that lets you read PDF and text files on your psp. Version includes added support for PDF files with Chinese, Japanese and Korean text.

Download: mediafire.com file/yzn21k2zw4z/Bookr v0.7.1.rar

CXMB Manager v1 Beta

A great app that helps you manager you .CTF themes. Even allows full screen previews! =P

Download: mediafire.com file/ywynng...nagerBETA1.rar


This app lets you download anything directly onto your psp. Just enter the dl link! =)

Download: mediafire.com file/rd5kdmm3ulj/Get_T.rar

HomebrewSorter (For cfw 3.xx and slim)

A useful app that helps you sorter/organise the homebrews you have on you psp =)

Download: mediafire.com file/wzwxuf...homebrewSorter

IR Shell 4.8

A very good shell for psp that includes many functions. Recommended =P

Download: mediafire.com file/5gu1mznzvnn/irshell

IR Shell 4.9

A very good shell for psp that includes many functions. New support for Playstation Network downloable games & demos + support for TV output! ^^ Recommended =P

Download: mediafire.com file/o2zdtmblj1z/irshell v4.9.zip

LightMP3 v2.0.0 RC1

This is a mix between a plugin and an app. LightMP3 helps save you psp battery by underclocking your psp to the right speed and it even plays your music louder! =P

Download: mediafire.com file/yggw1n..._2_0_0_RC1.rar

OE Homebrew Sorter v0.1 BETA (For -OE cfw)

A useful app that helps you sorter/organise the homebrews you have on you psp =)

Download: mediafire.com file/yuoh2w...er_v01BETA.rar

PaintMIXER v2.6.0

This app simulates the application "Paint" on Miscrosoft OS. Give it a try! =P

Download: mediafire.com file/m5manr...XER_v2.6.0.rar

Pokedex PSP

For those Pokemon fans out there, this is a great app that acts as a Pokedex (Supports Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Download: mediafire.com file/zumj5k...PokedexPSP.rar

PSPAlarm v 0.1

A very simple but cool app that acts as an alarm on your psp. You can even set your alarm signal to any .mp3 song you want! ^^

Download: mediafire.com file/dnk0hem0m0n/PSPAlarm.rar

PSPDictionary v2.1.0

This is a multi-language dictionary for PSP, with online functionalities and can translate as well!

Download: mediafire.com file/oww1omiljtd/PSPDictionary v2.1.0.rar

PSPRadio v1.18.1400

This is an app that allows you to listen to the radio on your psp.

Download: mediafire.com file/dmjjym...v1.18.1400.rar


With this app, you can identify what model motherboard your psp has.

Download: mediafire.com file/mwoyyhwwozt/PSPident.rar

PSPMaps v1.4

This app simulates "Google Earth" on your psp. An internet connection is required.

Download: mediafire.com file/njjylx...PSPMaps1.4.zip


A cool and handy app that lets you stream videos from youtube on your psp. Includes other portals to different sites.

Download: mediafire.com file/gyz0znmmzym/PSPTube.rar

PSPWord v1.5

This is an app that runs in the internet brower of your psp. You can write text with it, and it looks like Microsoft Office Word 2003. When you're done you can save it as a .doc document on one of 10 servers. You don't need to save it on you're memory stick. When you saved the file, you can also chose if you want to download it as .doc format on your memory stick. Internet connection required to load or save.

Download: mediafire.com file/2wydmdzymmx/PSPWord v1.5.zip

PSPWrite v1.1.1 (For cfw 4.xx)

A wonderful app that lets you read and edit .txt files! =P

Download: mediafire.com file/yyvnmvy0lgt/pspwritev1.1.1(cfw 4.xx).zip

ScreenVideo Capture Module v0.3 + SVCPlayer

This is a great app/plugin that lets you video record on your psp. It can now be done in any game you like. You can even capture out of game clips such as game menus, loading animations and even the XMB. You can record video in normal mode (half the screen size) or advanced mode (full or quarter screen size) and video files will be saved to the PSP/PHOTO/SVCPlayer folder where as bmp screenshots will be saved to the PSP/PHOTO folder. More info in the readme included.

Download: mediafire.com file/hmz0mwmmnyn/ScreenVideo Capture Module v0.3 + SVCPlayer.zip


This is a great emulator that lets you play your favourite Nintendo games like Super Mario! Very fun, recommended =P Requires the 1.50 kernel addon.

Download: mediafire.com file/4gzn1yzmrgz/SNES.rar

TA-088v3 Identifier

This app will identify if your psp motherboard is Ta-088v3 or not so you can know if it is hackable or not.

Download: mediafire.com file/3nmtxuykmnn/TA-088v3 Identifier.rar

Truflow v1.1

This plugin customizes your "Music" menu on your psp to make it look that that of itunes. Allows you to add your own album art as well! =)

Download: mediafire.com file/aeming...ruflow_1_1.zip

Ultimate PSPTube v1.8

A cool and handy app that lets you stream videos from youtube on your psp. Includes other portals to different sites, now including 33 sites.
Warning: Includes several portals to porn sites. For more information on portals, please read the Readme.txt included in the download.

Download: mediafire.com file/gmtktj2enyj/Ultimate PSPTube v1.8.rar

UMDumper v3.0

This is a very cool and useful app. Lets you rip an iso image of a umd directly onto your psp. A must have application ^^

Download: mediafire.com file/dimmywhmztj/UMDumper

XMB Destroyer 0.98 (With 5.00m33 and slim fix)

This is a fun and very cool app that lets you wreak havoc on or "destroy" your psp's xmb by "shooting", "hammering" it etc. Kind of like 'Desktop Destroyer' for the PC =P

Download: mediafire.com file/oxm224kgrmq/xmb destroyer v0.98.rar


1.50 Kernel addon (For 5.00 m33 -PSP 1000)

This is a handy plugin that lets you run some homebrew games and emulators like SNES. Highly recommended =)

Download: mediafire.com file/ki2wnv1mj3y/1.50 kernel (5.00m33).rar

AutoStart V3

This plugin allows you to assign buttons to hold at startup that launch specified homebrew. It also allows you to assign a homebrew to autoboot at startup. Use this with "Cintro 3.90" to set the cintro to start without looping =) This plugin can also back up games.

Download: mediafire.com file/zoul25...toStart_V3.zip

Battery Info v0.2

This plugin shows the percentage of the battery on the xmb and in game (in the top right corner).

Download: mediafire.com file/zmzx0nmgy5m/BatteryInfo

Cintro 3.90

This is one of my favourite plugins =) Tired of the same boring "Sony Entertainment" intro? Well, spice up your psp with this wonderful plugin today! You can change the boring "Sony Entertainment" intro everytime you see when you reboot your psp to a cool video clip of your choice! (Kind of like a gameboot when running a game but longer =P -Any length, I believe). You have to setup the cintro with the plugin Autostart V3.

Download: mediafire.com file/4jnmml...cintro_390.zip

CwCheat (v0.2.2 REV.D)

This is one of my favourite plugins. This plugin works with games that are compatible with devhook (meaning downloaded eg. iso, cso). With this wonderful plugin, you are able to enable certain cheats in game such as infinite health/money/items, secret items, unlockables and much more. This is a must have plugin if you want to try out or test something, or even just for fun!

Download: mediafire.com file/qjbjmnmtnmu/CWCheat

Cxmb (Lite)

This is a handy plugin that lets you choose and change your .ctf themes from your xmb like how you change .ptf themes. Recommended for easy use. Very useful =)

Download: mediafire.com file/3yzhxmlzjtm/cxmb_lite.rar

DarkCheat v3.0

This is a cheat device very similar to CwCheat. Allows you to enable cheats in-game.

Download: mediafire.com file/nydjytmnkwo/darkcheat.zip

EffectsMB v1.0

This plugin allows you to add and toggle between effects in the xmb or in game. Similar to TweakDisplay but does not have as much variety in effects (no flip mode, water effect etc.). However, runs a but smoother than TweakDisplay.

Download: mediafire.com file/vnnq3n...ffectsMBv1.zip


This plugin increases the speed of your memory stick so load times in games will be faster and games will run smoother. However, this only affects certain psp's and does not work all the time. Try it out and see if it works for you =P

For fw 5.00: mediafire.com file/dmzm04mzl4z/FATMS500.rar
For fw 4.01: mediafire.com file/2tumlw...atmsmod401.rar

FreeCheat v1.0.12.18

Another plugin very similar to DarkCheat and CwCheat. Allows you to enable cheats in-game.

Download: mediafire.com file/g0hygw...t1.0.12.18.zip

Hold v3.5

This is a very nice plugin that saves your psp's battery power by turning off the backlight of the lcd and underclocking your psp when put on hold. I recommend this plugin for its usefulness and features. (You can also put your psp on hold like normal!)

Download: mediafire.com file/oyjhth...hold__v3.5.zip

Hold v3.6

Same as Hold v3.5 (above), with some bug, glitch fixes and new features. Recommended =)

Download: mediafire.com file/eyn1y4...hold__v3.6.zip

JoySens v1.42b (An update from v1.42)

A very good plugin, useful for "repairing" faulty analog sticks. This plugin can also let you adjust the sensitivity of your analog to suit you better =P

Download: mediafire.com file/zmjjzd13yqz/joysens v1.42b.zip

LockDown v3.0

Ever wanted to lock your psp like how you can lock your computer? Well do it with this plugin! =) This plugin uses the psp keys like Circle, Sqaure etc so no more fumbling with the on screen keyboard =P This plugin protects the recovery as well so will be hard to hack.

Download: mediafire.com file/mnyomq...kdown_v3.0.zip

MusicPrx (for 4.01 m33)

This is a plugin that lets you play you own music in game! One of my favourite and a must have! =P

Download: mediafire.com file/jikmwz...x_401m33_2.rar

MutePlugin v1.0.0

This is a handy plugin that mutes your psp so you can only listen when the earphones are plugged in =)

Download: mediafire.com file/bwyzu2...lugin_1.00.rar

MyRandomGameboot v2.0

A useful plugin that allows you to have up to 20 gameboots that could be played at random when you start a game/app from your memory stick.

Download: mediafire.com file/mjz2dz...GameBootv2.rar

NitePR v1.0 Rev F

A great cheating tool that works with CWCheat. This plugin can cheat online in games =P Recommended =)

Download: mediafire.com file/yz3zkg...itePR_revF.zip

PaintOnXMB v1.0

A fun plugin that lets you draw all over you xmb like "Paint" =P

Download: mediafire.com file/myxmjh...MBV1_Mr305.zip

PopsLoader (For 5.00 m33)

This plugin is needed to run PSX games. Useful and recommended =)

Download: mediafire.com file/zzkojt2myyd/popsloader (5.00 m33-2).rar

PopsLoader Plugin Pack (For 3.80 m33 / 3.90 m33 / 4.01 m33 and up)

Same as above, this plugin is needed to run PSX games. Useful and recommended =)

Download: mediafire.com file/jyemiw...lugin2pack.zip

Prxutility++ v6.0

BATalert has changed its name and is now called prxutility++ . This is a great plugin to tell the user what the status of the battery is via the green power light. It will start to flash slowly when its has 30% power left. Flashing quickens as power gets depleted. For more information read the readme.txt included with this plugin. Recommended =P

Download: mediafire.com file/yi11t4njnmt/prxutility++ v.6.0.rar

ScreenShot Plugin v1.2

One of my favourite plugins and extremely useful. This plugin takes an actual screenshot of your psp screen whether its in xmb or in game. A must have plugin! =P

Download: mediafire.com file/zexjornmiju/Screenshot

Slim Colors Patch

A plugin that allows PSP-1000's to have PSP-2000 (slim) wave colors as well as their original.

Download: mediafire.com file/lizfg2...lors_patch.zip

TweakDISPLAY v0.9.965

One of my favourite plugins. This plugin lets you toggle between different effects on your PSP. Effects include grayscale, contrast boost, negative FX (inverted colors), mirror modes, flip modes (upside down!) and much more! A must have plugin! ^^

Download: mediafire.com file/jmzgwd...AY_0.9.965.zip

Ultimate VSH Menu v1.0

This plugin improves the list of available options on the vsh menu. Options available as seen in the screenhot.

Download: mediafire.com file/ow3zm0j3xjl/UltimateVSHMenu v1.0.rar

Ultimate VSH Menu v1.02

This plugin improves the list of available options on the vsh menu. Options available as seen in the screenhot. Fixed bugs and new features added: Vsh Menu Color and faster scrolling! Recommended =P

Download: mediafire.com file/zwwm3j1jnmb/ultimate vsh menu v1.02.rar

XMBLauncher v1.0

This comes with two versions of plugins and adds a few features to your xmb like reboot, shutdown, and sleepmode that can be activated with a few shortcut buttons =)

Download: mediafire.com file/mmm2vt...ncher_1.00.rar


AFKIM v3.3.6 (For fw 4.xx)

This lets you do online messaging (like msn) but on your psp! Runs in the browser of your psp, internet connection required.

Download: mediafire.com file/xwkdxd...3.3.6-fw4x.zip

MAC OS X Leopard

A portal that simulates Mac OS and some of its features. Nice portal =P

Download: mediafire.com file/rn5xgm..._v0.95BETA.zip

Galaxy v2.0

A portal that supports games, apps, videos and links.

Download: mediafire.com file/fjtqgu...xyportalv2.zip


A portal for the Apple iPhone.

Download: mediafire.com file/yhizjrdqz1u/iPSP.rar


Want to go online messsging with your friend on your psp? Well, get this portal today! This is a great messenger portal that supports Msn, Aol and Yahoo messaging! Runs in your psp browser and requires Internet Connection to chat.

Download: mediafire.com file/tw1wwkydmmy/Pro messenger.rar

PSP Chrome v1.0

It's a application that looks like the browser Google Chrome, from Google. You've just only to download it, and put the files into your root directory. Internet connection required but you do not need CFW! ^^

Download: mediafire.com file/2jnkhmg0dhj/psp chrome v1.0.zip


A portal simulating Windows Vista. Games and apps included.

Download: mediafire.com file/ymtzhhehiq4/PspWxp1.rar


A portal simulating Windows Vista. Games and apps included.

Download: mediafire.com file/xuwjhmmemwz/PspWxp2.rar


A portal simulating Windows Vista. Games and apps included.

Download: mediafire.com file/0jwzlqjyoyn/Pspwxp3.rar

Windows XP

A portal for Windows XP on PSP. What makes this Windows portal unique from others is that it is highly customizable by even the most casual of programmers, especially since most of it was merely done on Microsoft Word.

Download: mediafire.com file/h4ug4uhtmjn/Windows XP.rar

WLPM Beta v1.01

This portal simulates Windows Live Messager and allows you to connect to the internet and instant message! Requires internet connection.

Download: mediafire.com file/nikz5h...ABUILD1.01.zip

X5 Anniverdary Edition Aqua/Dark Aqua

A portal that looks like Mac OS. Available in Aqua version or Dark Aqua

Aqua: mediafire.com file/zmxmfd...ditionAqua.zip
Dark Aqua: mediafire.com file/wwzmgd...onDarkAqua.zip

(¯`'·.¸Homebrew Games!¸.·'´¯)

48Hr Pong 3D (For fw 1.0)

A fun 3D pong game with different views available and able to save player stats as well as submit them online via wifi.

Download: mediafire.com file/tfuod1xwdjm/48HrPong (3D) FW 1.0.zip

Alex the Alligator - Color Edition

A "Jump'n'Run" game. Guide Alex through the jungle in order to save his girlfriend Lola from evil humans who want to make a bag out of her.

Download: mediafire.com file/t0mhyzyzqmm/Alex the Alligator - Color edition.zip

BattleGrounds 3D

A fun homebrew game, play as a tank and play against up to 4 other cpu teams. You can play Deathmatch or just Capture the Flag! =)

Download: mediafire.com file/jz4nj3...egrounds3D.rar


A homebrew game that allows you to play up Black Jack with up to 4 players! ^^

Download: mediafire.com file/mi3ydttj0mg/BlackJack.rar

Bob In The Ice Age 2

A bobbing smiley named Bob is your character and you are out on an adventure that pretty much involves a size-enlarger egg, golden coins, blocks, fire flowers, and super stars. Yes, it does look like a Super Mario inspired game. A little touch of a classic never fails after all. Overall, a fun game to play with good graphics.

Download: mediafire.com file/yewnmzizzoz/bob in the ice age 2.zip

Boombastic v0.2

A fun homebrew game, this is like Bomerman mixed with Battle Tanks (On Gameboy) where the player directs a tank that can drop bombs or rockets draw. Play up to 3 other bots on 3 different difficulty levels of your choice. The goal is to be the last remaining tank. Graphics look good and fun to play, Recommended! ^^

Download: mediafire.com file/4ozigzmnt2b/boombastic v0.2.rar

Bomberman Arena v1.0 (For fw 1.5)

The aim of Bomberman Arena (as if you didn't already know) is to bomb your way through a level whilst avoiding the 'baddies' which kill you. This version of the game is finally out of beta and has a nice feature list, which includes the 1v1 PSP Ad-Hoc support amongst other improvements. I must say, this is a great game and very addictive =P A must have ^^

Download: mediafire.com file/nggzzb...1.0_fw_1.5.zip


An all-time classic homebrew game. Developed from the original web browser flash game "BoxHead". Very addictive, a must have! =P

Download: mediafire.com file/jmgtendn1gz/BOXHEAD.rar

CSPortable v0.79

This homebrew game is FPS like the PC versions. The maps look good but the models (bots) are poor. Controls are hard to use (IMO), but it may be easy for you =)

Download: mediafire.com file/omr4mzyzmxu/CSportable v0.79.rar

CSPSP v1.56 Source

Great homebrew game like the original Counter-Strike PC game. Unlike the original PC game, this is a top-down shooter. Has great original and custom maps. Supports online play ^^ , a must have game =P

Download: mediafire.com file/g0w2oznjtun/CSPSP v1.56-SOURCE.zip

CSPSP v1.6

Another great homebrew game. A top-down shooter that imitates Counter-Strike, you can play original CS maps and custom ones! Supports online play ^^ A must have =P

Download: mediafire.com file/u0znli5xi2c/cspsp v1.60.zip

Guitar Star v1.01

This homebrew game is kind of like Guitar Hero (Wii), use the D-Pad to play =)

Download: mediafire.com file/jy3klqm2ztn/GuitarStar v1.01.rar

JellyCar v1.1

A homebrew game with "squishy" graphics and lots of maps and cars to choose from! Download includes two versions of JellyCar, one for [psp fat] and one for [psp slim]. Very fun and addictive, Recommended =P

Download: mediafire.com file/lmkmzm3lyng/JellyCar v1.1.rar

Jungle Adventure v0.1 Demo

Kind of like Super Mario Bros. and is still in demo, so movement is not that smooth and levels are quite easy.

Download: mediafire.com file/mtdytjmglyd/Jungle Aventure v0.1 demo.rar

KETM (Kill Everything That Moves) v0.9

A fast paced 2D sidescroller shooter. Includes 7 primary weapons, 4 secondary weapons, 15 enemies with unique attacking patterns and 4 maps with different environments. Bosses are also included =)

Download: mediafire.com file/qyr2u3y3wlw/KETM v0.9.zip

Kitten Cannon

A popular homebrew game, just aim the cannon using the up/down directional pad buttons or analog stick and use [X] to fire. The red bar on the cannon indicates the power of your shot. Leave the rest to gravity and the objects that litter the ground. Press [START] to pause and SELECT while paused to return to the main menu.

Download: mediafire.com file/xh1wfm3rnez/Kitten Cannon.zip

Luigi's World v4 - Chapter I

A sidescroller homebrew game, jump to collect coins and evade the turtles =)

Download: mediafire.com file/jzmtdgbj2wy/Luigi's World v4-Chapter I.rar

Mario Gold Rush

A fun homebrew game where you have to collect as many coins possible within a certain amount of time.

Download: mediafire.com file/inyjymmkzyt/Mario Gold Rush.zip

Mario Kart 64 v3

A 2D sidescroller clone of Mario Kart 64. 10 players to choose from with solo mode or 2 player mode on 6 different available tracks.

Download: mediafire.com file/2m0tmjtm1zi/Mario Kart 64 v3.rar

Metal Blob Solid

A side scrolling game that has over 25 missions, 4 difficulty settings, many unique weapons, large levels with different environments such as water, lava, ice and slime + much more ^^

Download: mediafire.com file/h4jom101jtz/metal blob solid.rar

Nicky 2 (For cfw 3.xx and above)

This game is a platformer. Navigate through a series of maze-like stages as you uncover who's been removing the ladders and blocking off caves in Nicky Boum's homeland. Nicky 2's PSP port is based on a cross-platform engine developed by Gregory Montoir. It also doesn't support save-game or level codes, but it does support secret button codes that allow you to perform certain cheats (skip levels, get more bombs, etc).

Download: mediafire.com file/3mmy2gwdelt/nicky2 (only for 3.xx kernel).rar

Nikiwi Deluxe v1.0

Play as a 9-year-old boy named Nikwi and guide him in a world of candies. You have to go through 30 candy-filled levels, avoiding monsters as you munch your way around. Quite addictive and nice way to pass time =)

Download: mediafire.com file/xit2t15iymt/nikwi_deluxe v1_0.rar

Open Tyrian v1.0

A 2D vertical shooter developed from the arcade game Tyrian. Includes many levels and enemies.

Download: mediafire.com file/5mnndy...anPSP_v1_0.rar


Award winning homebrew game with unrivaled graphics. Ozone is a mix of an action game and a puzzle game where the you play as a gas molecule as they race against time to collect blue gems before you shrink into nothing. Each stage carries multiple features, such as power-ups, traps, and enemies. The mission is to find all the blue gems in each level and then proceed to the exit. Highly recommended =P

For Phat: mediafire.com file/dg2kdtmitwb/ozone[for phat].zip
For Slim: mediafire.com file/v3zztdc5ori/ozone[for slim].zip

PSP Dungeon: Assault Run v1.0.5

An FPS game that has good graphics for a homebrew game. Try it out! =P

Download: mediafire.com file/ijmit2wzhit/PSP Dungeon - Assault Run v1.0.5.rar

PSP Dungeons v0.7

An FPS game similar to PSP Dungeon: Assault Run (above). An older version of the homebrew game above.

Download: mediafire.com file/dbqdmlzmbno/PSP Dungeons v0.7.zip


This is a sideways space shooter. You are one of the last humans on earth and you must protect the last of your people from peril. The goal is to last as long as you can.

Download: mediafire.com file/y2dyj3hxzjj/SAVIOR!.zip

Space Evader v1.0

This is a game where you're a pilot in a rocket and you need to clear a path while avoiding the walls. Kind of like the flash game 'Helicopter' on PC.

Download: mediafire.com file/tnjddzkzoz4/Space Evader v1.0.zip

Super Mario 3D - Demo

A 3D version of Super Mario, just a demo as the developer only wanted to tell the people to stop with the 2D games-lol
Lags at some points.

Download: mediafire.com file/zz3k5mymni4/Super Mario 3D Demo.zip

Super Mario Power Coins v1.2b

A nice homebrew game to pass time. Dodge objects dropping from the sky while collecting the most coins as possible =P

Download: mediafire.com file/2yn3zkvzdmg/Super Mario Power Coins v1.2b.rar

Super Mario Smash Kart (2D)

A fun 2D homebrew game, includes 3 levels, powerups, 4 bots to play against, 5 selectable characters and much more =)

Download: mediafire.com file/ztmtzy...Smash_Kart.zip

Super Mario Toy Final

A really fun homebrew game with many addictive mini games. Recommended! ^^

Download: mediafire.com file/iczdaexyegd/SuperMarioToy final.rar

Super Mario War v1.7

Super Mario deathmatch game. The goal is to stomp as many other Marios as possible to win the game. The PSP version features tons of different characters and maps to choose from, as well as a complete library of music, CPU AI, and a variety of game modes. It's fully modable too.

Download: mediafire.com file/4meh3wkmzru/Super Mario War v1.7.rar

Warcraft 2D v1.0 Beta

This game is playable online therefore only player against player. Played in real time (single player) and you can choose between humans and orcs. This game is still in development so it does not have many features at the moment.

Download: mediafire.com file/ttato2uymmo/Warcraft 2D PSP v1.0 Beta.rar

[Upload count: 107]
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~ Thanks christian217 for the lovely CC sig! ♥️ ~
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Talking 4znKelvin's App Thread
PSP Applications
4znkelvin's section

Hello this is 4znkelvin , known as Kelvin. Thanks for using this Thread. This is my Part of the team. Requests are wanted , so please feel free to request anything you want.
I will try to put up pictures when i can.
I have categorized everything into what they are.
EX.Theres a HOMEBREW GAME list , APPLICATION list , SHELL list , PLUGINS list , and etc.
I know some of you guys won't even bother looking at this but im still gonna put it . for the people who care.
PSPISO is a great community , we dont come for the games , we come for the spirit.

Thanks AGAIN for using our thread.

Some people told me to put a description and a picture for the apps i have.
I'll put it on when i have time. Another project has come up but its due later on so i could FINALLY update! I'll fulfill your requests and put pictures and a description for each one.

Please download this:
megaupload.com AV05ILZI

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~!My Newest APP i uploaded is CSPSP 16.1!~
located under HOMEBREW GAMES section.



Put these in your PSP/GAME folder.


mediafire.com download.php?ytzd3mntwuh





Download any file here and put the .PRX file in the SEPlugins folder.
Reboot your PSP then hold R to goto the recovery mode to activate the plugins.

~CXMB 3.3~




~Lockdown in Game~




~CXMB 5.02GEN-A~


PSP Homebrew Games
Put these in the PSP/GAME folder

mediafire.com /



~Thing Thing~













~CSPSP 16.1~

~CSPSP 15.6~







Put these in your PSP/GAMES folder



File Managers
Put these in your PSP/GAMES folder , These are used to FILE your stuff you want to file.


Put these in your PSP/Game Folder , Kinda like a File Manager.

~NervOS 2.2~

~IRShell 4.7~

Custom Firmware
Download any file from here and put it in your PSP/GAME folder.
.PBP's are included in the pack.

5.02 Gen-A


5.00 M33-4

5.00 M33-3

5.00 M33-2

4.01 M33-2

3.90 M33-3

3.80 M33-5

3.80 M33-4

3.80 M33-3

3.71 M33-3

3.71 M33-2

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Thumbs up
Welcome to Berenice Homebrew Games and Applications section!
* Please show your appreciation by giving (me) Berenice a +rep! Thank you, And not to forget, Please do remember to +rep for mandinggo91, 4znkevin, spriteice123 and Our Newest member, SyIar!

Homebrew Games
DJ Drops Demo 5

I just compiled a new demo of my DJ Drops game so people who like the serie can have a look on what I'm doing.
It contains the old level "S Soup" in normal difficulty, that I finally decided to finish.
It contains also bugs, some graphics are not done (mainly the blocks!) but gameplay-wise it's finished (hasn't changed since last demo I think).

Download for DJ Drops Demo 5 : http://ifile.it/n1vkic7

Powernoid V4d Final

This update will likely be the last for this game since I think it's realised what
I wanted it to be from the beginning. It's only a fairly small update, but important bug fix.

Download for Powernoid V4d Final : http://ifile.it/0u7vn8h

RubikPSP V0.2

This is the next version of RubikPSP

RubikPSP is a Rubik's Cube for the PSP
This version has a huge bug fixed.

Changes :
+Fixed Huge Bug: When you want to turn the up and down face inverse it turns normal instead of inverse.
+Changed Name in Game List

+Project started

Download for RubikPSP v0.2 : http://ifile.it/9rh5beq

CSPSP-S v1.6 and v1.6 Patch

It is HERE! CSPSP-S 1.6! By Xiphirx and TOP_PRO.

Your favorite mod makes a comeback!

MOD INCLUDES (since the previous CSPSP-S release):
Updated Player GFX
Updated Sounds
Updated Maps
Updated CFG

*Patch for CSPSP-S 1.6, fixes:

Friends list
bugPlayers list
bugPlayer GFX

Download CSPSP-S v1.6 : http://ifile.it/0you67r
Download CSPSP-S v1.6 Patch : http://ifile.it/p5rosbq

2050: The Last Island Demo

You are in the year 2050 the world is flooded and you are on a small island.
This game is like GTA+SIMS.

At the final version:
you can make missions, earn money and buy furniture for your house.
you can enter most buildings.
At the Dojo you can learn to fight and you can drive boats and cars too.

You can play the first mission on the demo.


R trigger = Carry/Release
Digipad Left = say Yes
Digipad Right = say No
Digipad Up = Use

Download for 2050: The Last Island Demo : http://ifile.it/hbs2y4e

Canadian Roswell - The Video Games

This was first time I coded for the PSP -- with this project; back in 2006... It's been rotting since then; So I decided to release this. I didnot know any C except for printf and scanf's; but I finally managed to came up with this Everyone should ATLEAST attempt to code for the PSP, even if you know just the basics of programming; hopefully this will be a good encouragement

This is a simple side scroller with gorgeous Backgrounds and a pseudo 3d plane.


Start - Pause
Circle - Fast Bullets (Beware of engine overheating)
Cross - Single Bullets

Download for Canadian Roswell - The Video Games : http://ifile.it/kmvl76j

Powernoid V4c (New Year's Edition)

Powernoid New Year's Edition!

Hi Guys,
This game is my homage to the Amiga family of computers.
Powernoid is a breakout clone with powerups based on Megaball for the Amiga,
which also later inspired DX-Ball for Windows.

This update gave me a chance to use my Intrafont sine wave display,
The new wobbly ball powerup and moving objects also based on the sine wave routine.
There are also some significant bug fixes, and this one has in game music by Drax.

Powernoid V4c (01/01/09):
Implemented Mikmod player for in game music.
One more extra life powerup brick added to game.
Improvement to sound routine so powerup samples are always played.
Increased pause duration between stages, new ball in play, and game pause with Home button.
Small display bug fix for game over where extra life powerup brick is displayed.
Change to high score encryption so the save file is incompatible with previous versions.

Powernoid V4b (01/01/09):
Bullets on either side of paddle now operate independently.
Fixed collision detection for powerup bricks that have multiple colours.
Moving barriers implemented in some stages.
Moving bricks implemented in stage 2.
Added Megaball style powerup description screen to intro.
Added powerup brick for extra life.
Change to high score encryption so the save file is incompatible with previous versions.

Download for Powernoid V4c (New Year's Edition) : http://ifile.it/o7uhmlr

JellyCar v1.1


* 10 new levels
* Map reverse - press X while playing
* Best jump record - when jumping in the air - jump length will be count.
* Car skins - dress car in some nice skin(skins can be easily add by user )
* 2.5 D - no more flat 2D we are going in 2.5D

Download for JellyCar v1.1 : http://ifile.it/2bm58qe

Homebrew Applications
Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-6

Here, the quick fix.

5.00 M33-6

This update is a try to fix memory stick low speed since 3.80.

Instructions: Copy UPDATE folder /PSP/GAME/ and run.

If you come from a version prior to 5.00 M33, put sony update as 500.PBP in same folder, or let the program download it for you using a wifi connection.

Changes in 5.00 M33-5:

- A setting has been added to recovery, that, when enabled it may increase memory stick reading speed. (only on the psp, not in the pc).
By default it is disabled. If you installed 3.71 fatmsmod, do not use this setting, as its perfomance with 3.71 driver has not been tested.
Instead, reinstall 5.00 m33-4 using dc8 and update to 5.00 m33-5

Changes in 5.00 M33-6:

- Fixed a bug that made unbootable psp without memory stick or with a bad one.

The included file fat_comparison.html contains a comparison of perfomance between the 5.00 fat driver, the 3.71 one, and the 5.00 one with the speed up hack during the read of an iso.
The test was done on the game Valkyrie Profile in cso format in march33 mode. Other games, modes and applications different than iso reading showed similar results.

Download for Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-6 : http://ifile.it/qjkfg0o

Custom Firmware 5.02 GEN-A and Official Firmware 5.02

- A PSP with 3.52 M33-3 or higher.

- Extract the UPDATE folder to /PSP/GAME on your memory stick.
- Obtain the 5.02 EBOOT and copy it to the UPDATE folder with the name '502.PBP'.
[This step is not required if you are already on a different 5.02 custom firmware]
- Run the updater and follow the instructions on the screen.
- The battery check can be bypassed by holding L + Triangle on launch.
- Enjoy 5.02 GEN-A.

- Suspend, Reset and Pandora options added in the recovery.
- Hide MAC Address can be enabled via configuration in recovery.
- VSH Recovery can now be opened with an option in the vshmenu.
- You can quickly exit the recovery by pressing the Select button.
- Game Categories Plugin by Bubbletune integrated (enabled by default, can be disabled in recovery).
- Option to reboot in to official firmware in the recovery, it will remain like this until the next cold reset.
(Slim Only, support for the Phat PSP might be added later)
- Slim Colors Patch by Bubbletune integrated, enable in the recovery and flash 13-27.bmp to your flash0.
This will allow you to use the Slim Colors on your Phat PSP.
- Higher homebrew compatibility compared to other 5.02 custom firmwares.
- Functional 5.02 pops (keep pops compatibility in mind).

Using Game Categories (taken from the original readme):
- Create folders prefixed with 'CAT_' in the GAME, GAME150, GAME5XX or ISO folder.
- Fill them with everything you want to appear for that specific category (if you have the same category name in two or more folders they will be mixed).
- Keep the Sony file length limitations in mind, due to the name of the category being added to the total length, the length of each filename will increase even more.
If a corrupt icon shows up, try lowering the length of the filename.
- Boot your PSP, open vshmenu and select the appropriate category.

- I'll release a 1.50 kernel add-on in a few days.
- The very latest 5.00 popsloader from Dark_AleX can be used in this custom firmware.
- You can't share the files located in your flash0 between multiple machines, instead, share the updater.
- Installation of this custom firmware remains at your own risk, even though it has been tested througly, we can not provide any guarantee.

About homebrew-only version:
- This version of the custom firmware aims at supporting game developers and allowing things such as running homebrew, modding your XMB, etc. But removing support for POPs and ISO's.
- In the future we might hope to find something similiar to this in an official firmare, a dream, perhaps.
- You can select whether you want to install the Full or Lite version in the updater, and your selection can be changed later.
- This version saves about 70kb of flash0 space!

CTF_Updater notes:

- This program lets you convert 5.00 M33 Themes to 5.02 GEN Themes.
- Usage: in a ms-dos prompt, the same file input is converted in output
- Use with CXMB in this package

Recovery translation:
- Included in this package are English, French and Spanish. English one is only included for translation purposes, as the recovery has the English one embedded inside and will switch to it when your own language is not found.
- You can place your language files in either ms0:/seplugins or flash1:/, after which they will be used if the appropriate language was selected in the XMB.

- Dark_AleX: For the original custom firmware.
- PSPGen: For all their support and allowing us to release the CFW on their site.
- Bubbletune: For giving me and allowing me to use his Game Categories Plugin and Slim Colors source code.
- Granite: For creating the ICON0.PNG used in the updater.

Download Custom Firmware 5.02 GEN-A : http://ifile.it/m9zonlp
Download Official Firmware 5.02 : http://ifile.it/s69q82o

1.50 kernel add-on for Custom Firmware 5.02 GEN-A

This small add-on can add to your Kernel 1.50
Custom Firmware 5.02GEN-A.
This allows the launch of the Homebrew that have not been updated and require Kernel 1.50 to operate.

The PSP Slim & Lite does not support the 1.50 kernel to date, this add-on is reserved for PSP "Fat" (PSP1000).

Download for 1.50 kernel add-on for Custom Firmware 5.02 GEN-A : http://ifile.it/bvm8cwo

CTF Converter v3

Mirriam and magixian at pspgen just made an update to the CTF Converter to remove the use of Satelite.prx in the ctf to eliminate the crash when exiting due to a modified vshmenu (like in my frosstyboxxy and vegetano's themes and many others)

Just like the old one, put the .exe in the same folder as your ctf and run the program. It doesn't matter if you have run the old one, it only patches what it needs to.

Download for CTF Converter v3 : http://ifile.it/wjel7h4

CTF Converter v2

PSP homebrew dev Miriam is still at it. The dev has released a conversion utility that makes CTF files usable under the new 5.02GEN-A custom firmware.

This new version of Miriam's CTF Converter now handles multiple files on the fly, unlike the first release that only converted files one by one. If you have a bunch of unofficial themes that you want to use under the new custom firmware, this app is for you.

Download for CTF Converter v2 : http://ifile.it/6pnimws

Unofficial CXMB for CFW 5.02GEN-A

Unofficial release of CXMB that works under CFW 5.02GEN-A.

Download for Unofficial CXMB for CFW 5.02GEN-A : http://ifile.it/ip8mlxz

PSP Filer 5.8

- added Swedish mode.
- added a feature to ignore analog pad.

- added a feature to extract all files in an archive file.
- fixed a bug that files in RAR archive which had a broken filename (e.g. '?') could not be extracted correctly. (Those "unusable" characters will be replaced into '_')
- fixed a bug that memory leak was occured after failing to extract archive files into RAMDISK.
- fixed a bug to have shown wrong count of files after copying.

Download for PSP Filer 5.8 : http://ifile.it/b708qtg

Hold v3.6
Torch's battery saver plugin for the PSP is back with a much-needed update. This latest version incorporates Torch's very own Fast Scroll Music plugin, as well as a fix on v3.5's 5th level brightness feature.

Changelog v3.6

* Incorporated Fast Scroll Music functionality into Hold+. Increases the vertical scrolling speed of Music player by around 50% (scroll 300 songs in 10 seconds).

Changelog v3.51

* 5th brightness level is now restricted to PSP Slim, because its ineffective on Phat.

Download for Hold v3.6 : http://ifile.it/5btzpfr

Pandora Toolkit v2.0

What is it?
It's a simple homebrew for all the PSP powered by Custom Firmware, which allows to do necessary operations in order to create a Pandora kit, useful to unbrick/downgrade any kind of console (except the new PSP-3000 and the PSP-2000 with TA-088v3 motherboard).
This application derives form Hellcat's Pandora Installer 3.xx. Credits for the original code go to him.

Notes for the users:
- The app has been tested deepely and no anomalies were noticed.
PSP-Ita.com and all of its staff aren't liable in case of damages that this application could provide to your PSPs.
Pay attention using it and be careful navigating thorugh menus.
- You can use your own background: just replace the file "sfondo.bmp" (included in the app's directory) with any 24bit BMP picture.
If you prefer to save space in your memory and to don't use the background picture, it will work anyway with a black wallpaper.
- You'll be able to update by yourself the version of "Despertar del Cementerio" that the hombrew installs! In this way you wont have to wait new releases to be up to date. To do that, replace the "DDC.PBP" file with the one of the "Desoertar del Cementerio" official installer that Dark_Alex is going to leak (always paying attention to rename it "DDC.PBP" and replace it with the one already existing in the application's folder!)

Download for Pandora Toolkit v2.0 : http://ifile.it/nfxo82g

Ultimate VSH Menu v1

- Press SELECT for open/close Ultimate VSH Menu
- Don't activated VSH Menu in camera
- Don't activated VSH Menu in internet browser
- Possibility to change XMB CPU
- Possibility to change Game CPU
- Possibility to change USB device
- Possibility to change UMD iso mode
- Possibility to change game kernel
- Possibility to activated skip sony logo
- Make autoboot battery
- Make pandora battery
- Make normal battery
- Shutdown function
- Suspend function
- Reset function

NOTES: In v1.1 is with "LOAD IRSHELL" and "RECOVERY MENU" option

Download for Ultimate VSH Menu v1 : http://ifile.it/vrdmbzx

intraFont 0.24

A bitmap font library for PSP using the PSP's internal font (firmware pgf files)

* added column printing with automatic linebreaks - no need to worry about overwriting parts of the screen or printing outside the screen anymore (use intraFontPrintColumn())
* added full justification (flush left&right) for column printing (flag INTRAFONT_ALIGN_FULL)
* various optimizations related to UCS2 conversion (thanks to StrmnNrmn)
* added functions to print/measure the first n chars of a string (intraFontPrintEx() and other ...Ex() functions; thanks to StrmnNrmn)
* bug fixed where intraFontMeasureText() could return a wrong value because multi-byte strings (S-JIS and UTF-Cool and codepages were not yet properly handled

Download for intraFont 0.24 : http://ifile.it/yi821zf

XMB Multi Customizer for Windows

Japanese developer Takeshi has released an update to its tool for windows that can create custom themes for your PSP XMB.

The program is presented with a simple and allows complete customization of the XMB PSP.

Download for XMB Multi Customizer for Windows : http://ifile.it/37pratn

XMB-Launcher v1.00

How to use:

- Add XMBLauncher(pwr or nopwr*).prx to vsh.txt
- add your favorite game to xmbgame1_RUP.txt or xmbgame2_RDOWN.txt
- add your favorite homebrew to xmbpbp1_RUP.txt or place all hb content in xmbpbp2_LDOWN folder
- enable xmblaucher(pwr or nopwr*).prx in cfw recovery menu
- start xmb menu and press L+UP to launch hb#1 or L+DOWN to load hb#2 out of the xmbpbp2_LDOWN folder or press R+UP to launch game#1 or R+DOWN to load game#2

* you can choose between two versions of the plugin "pwr or nopwr*"
pwr version has some additional power features like reboot, shutdown & sleepmode

pwr version controls: L+R = shutdown // START+R = reboot // START+L = sleepmode

game backups work fine with m33/ sony driver!

Download for XMB-Launcher v1.00 : http://ifile.it/26ievtx

PSP Tool v0.8

PSP Tool is a multi-purpose utility to application which can perform various general management functions on a PlayStation Portable console. This includes:
- Backup and Restore the IdStorage of the PSP
- Check the IPL injected on the Memory Stick or a file located on the Memory Stick
- Check, Backup, Restore and change the battery EEPROM
- Connect various devices through a USB cable
- Create a checksum of the IPL injected on the Memory Stick or an IPL located on the Memory Stick
- Create a variety of different Magic Memory Sticks
- Erase the entire IPL space of the Memory Stick
- Extract the IPL injected on the Memory Stick to a file
- Format the Memory Stick
- Inject a variety of included IPLs or an IPL from a file to the Memory Stick

Download for PSP Tool v0.8 : http://ifile.it/g39hm4r

MacroFire v2.4.1

This program, PSP is a plug-in that runs on a custom firmware.
Sony Akira Makoto on normal firmware does not work.

It is routine, self-responsibility in any event.
Not to give anything to play and a prolonged failure to suddenly freeze.

Reassign the button, any button and set the batter,
Macro functions are performed automatically to certain operations.

Rensha settings, so that you can press to leave the state,
RPG and can be kind of a battle without the use of automatic rubber band and scheelite.

Macro function is to record the specific behavior, you can repeat it.

The analog stick adjustment or re-assigned function,
You may be able to cover some of the analog sticks and broken loose button.
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Requirements Confirmed
Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-4

I do not work with 3.71M33.
Firmware does not work with less.

PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 because the activity does not have to know,
RAM does not use the extension.

The following files are included with the ms0: / seplugins copies.


Then, ms0: / seplugins in


Add the following in their path.

ms0: / seplugins / macrofire.prx

If these files do not exist, please create.
After going to write RIKABARIMODO, Plugins item
Where the plug-in needed to Enabled.

However, VSH on "Internet browser" in the works is limited, and macro functions Rensha function does not work.
This is to address the concerns that they were offensive to other sites that mock these capabilities,
We want to ease the restrictions and measures.

The sample configuration file folder remap the re-set button assignments,
Remap settings menu is actually read from the configuration file.
MacroFire to run, this folder is not required.

analog_to_dpad.ini key is assigned to cross the analog stick,
dpad_to_analog.ini assigns to cross key analog stick.

When you start the game, using the two volume buttons (+ and - keys) and then by pressing the Start menu.
This button can be changed in the configuration file.
See below "configuration file" please refer to the item.
The basic key is the following menu.

↑ ↓: Move items
← →: Change Option
○ button: the decision of the items
× button: Back
START button: exit immediately Menu

This is a typical operation, the functions of other items,
May have another operation.
In this case, may have been written about how to manipulate the screen under each key.

MacroFire Engine
Or switch to activate this plugin.
Roll button and macro functions and features will affect all functions.
OFF immediately after the game starts it is, if you use the cross using the key switch to ON.
You can set the initial state in the configuration file.

Buttons to launch the menu
MacroFire game set in the button to display the menu.
The menu button you want to see here is set to ON, by pressing a button combination in the game,
MacroFire can display the menu.
You can set the initial state in the configuration file.

Buttons to toggle the engine state
MacroFire Engine without a menu ON / OFF button to switch between sets.
The button where you want to use the switch is set to ON, by pressing a button combination in the game,
If the MacroFire Engine OFF to ON, OFF ON switch to it.
You can set the initial state in the configuration file.

Tuning the analog stick sensitivity
Position and sensitivity of the analog stick to set the dead zone.
Details are included manual_analogsens.txt please

Remap settings
Set the re-allocation.
Details are included manual_remap.txt please.

Rapidfire settings
Sets of automatic fire.
Details are included manual_rapidfire.txt please.

Macro settings
And will run the macro function.
Details are included manual_macro.txt please.

Configuration file
Macrofire.ini and preferences,
Rensha configuration file, the macro file format is the same with the exception of some.

For more information, please see the included manual_ini.txt.

Work order
Adjust the analog stick, re-assign button, burst, macro,
These functions are handled by the order from the menu in a row.

In other words, after the re-allocation adjustment buttons and analog sticks,
Rensha processing, the results of macro-blazing after the treatment is used.

For example, in re-assign button, ○ × button □ button and then press the button simultaneously,
Settings button and automatic fire from × □ RAPID to the mode button,
○ at the push of a button, × □ is blazing a button and two buttons.

Known issues
- Back to the game screen to exit the menu screen is distorted for a moment.

- "Portable SSHO regionally everyday" burst mode, why does "RAPID" does not work.
"AUTO-RAPID" is to work.
To look at the press of a button on the left by way of something like that is a priority there.
Further cause is unknown.

- Displaying the contents of the menu screen LCD (liquid crystal display) and the extent to leave off automatically,
Reflected a split second after the game at the end of the menu, it may be left to degenerate quickly.
In this case, if the game BGM, but a black screen as well BGM keeps ringing,
If there is no BGM, so careful to stay on the line power seems to freeze on the surface.
If you are in this state, PSP can resolve the brightness by pressing the Change button.

- The menu in the middle of a file access,
Will leave access lamp blinks and Memory Stick.
However, it seems that the visit has been really, is not particularly harmful.
However, when the state is to fetch a list of files,
Save the settings and macro Rensha / time out to run a load.
If the timeout is returned to the game once, and may try again later.

- Too bad English.
Not limited control.

Future Plans
- To switch settings for each game to load at startup.

- Remap settings to be more easy to use interface.

- Save the file / RODODAIAROGU,
To make the operation a little more about the files.

- Organize the code.

Although often seen with a light, plug-in is not a formal mechanism,
PSP games to work on is not considering the presence of plug-in.
Therefore, do not forget the game that always precariously freeze.
The game can be saved to save the行IMASHOU frequently.

This software, PSPLink has benefited greatly from the source code.
If you do not have this software and this is difficult.
And if there is no PSPSDK custom firmware, and there was such a development in itself.
Thank you take this opportunity.

Thanks all the developers of the PSPSDK, the PSPLink and the CFW.

Download for MacroFire v2.4.1 : http://ifile.it/417dsij

Xplora v1.8

Xplora is a homebrew file manager fpr the Sony PSP.


+ Now at startup the CPU clock is setted to 222Mhz ( 333 is no longer needed )
+ Improved the "Zip manager" that have some bugs in the previous release
+ Added automatic management in the messagebox
+ Added new GUI elements to the main windows manager
+ Added two progressbar while copyingmoving folders
+ Improved the "Umd Dumper" with a new interface and some improved functions
+ Added "DAX" support to the "Umd Dumper"
+ Added a new dynamic mouse
( Hold [] and move the analog to scroll list)
+ Improved some functions for copying
+ Added some info in the main System Info window
+ Fixed the bootstrap module that have some problems in the previous release
+ Improved the global memory usage
+ Improved the main file manager
+ Added a history feature in the file manager
+ Added a simple utility that can dump the entire NAND on the MS
+ Improved the management of some threads and tasks
+ Improved the visualization in the system tray
+ Improved the "Homebrew Sorter" that now shows the icons and the real names of
homebrews, ISO's and CSO's
+ Improved the GUI of the "Music Player"
+ Added ".ogg" support in the "Music Player"
+ Improved the library used to get the Mp3 files infos with some new functions
+ Improved the Mp3 Player that now use Media Engine to decode audio
+ Now during the Music Player the main CPU clock is setted to minimum values
+ Now you can listen to music while using the "Text Editor"
+ Added fadeout effetc to the Mp3 Player
+ Now when the screen is disabled doesn't go to standby
+ Added scree fadeout in the Music Player
+ Now if the headphone is removed while playing some music, music are automatically paused
+ Now you can have a image for background in the main File Manager
( "background.png" in "data" foldef)
+ Completely rewrited the Text Editor,
that shows a lot of problems of memory
management and rendering speed
+ Fixed some bugs in the loading function of the OSK
+ Note: The Text editor is not 100% completed now, so can have some bugs, sorry!
+ Improved the PMF Player, that now doesn't need to be rebooted
+ Now while viewing some movies you can force stop it with "HOME" button
+ Added a cfw check to enable run only on 4.01 and highter cfw
( Is recommended to update to the last cfw ( 5.00 M33-4 ) for a better compatibility )

Download for Xplora v1.8 : http://ifile.it/wt1h7ql

Custom Firmware Extender v3.1

Hi, here is a new "Custom Firmware Extender" release.
It took me some time to release it since i have a lot of work to do in my real life, but i think i have fixed a few bugs that will make it more stable. I have also added some features that was requested, thanks for all the support.


Custom Firmware Extender (aka cfe) is a set of plugins that will add some extra options to your SONY PSP.

With Custom Firmware Extender you should be able to :

- Change the speed of the PSP CPU/FSB while under the VSH (PSP Menu) or in-game (Umd/Iso/Homebrews) from the cfe menu or with a quick combo key.

- Change the brightness of the PSP while under the VSH or in-game from the cfe menu or with a quick combo key.

- Take some screenshot while under the VSH or in-game from the cfe menu or with a quick combo key.

- Load some PRX plugins while under the VSH or in-game from the cfe menu. Note that on slim PSP, they are loaded in the extra slim memory, so you should be able to load more plugins than you usally can.

- Start and stop USB under the VSH or in-game from the cfe menu.

- Play your Umd/Iso/Homebrews on your PC screen and make some in-game videos with the help of remotejoyLite from Akind, based on Tyranid work.

- Stream/play Iso/Homebrews hosted on your computervia USB (based on HostCore by Poison).

- Reset and Power off the PSP while under the VSH or in-game.

- Listen custom music (mp3, at3, oma, omg and aa3) while under the VSH or in-game, based on music.prx by joek2100. Note that if you have some subfolders under an album folder, files won't be found for now.

- "Time Machine" feature, you can reboot to any TM compatible firmwares, they are automatically detected by cfe 3.0. Note that you must configure each TM firmware to load CFE under the VSH to be able to easly reboot to your original firmware. There is already a sample configuration under the TM folder in this archive. If you encounter some problem's to go back to your original firmware, connect to your PSP via USB, go to the "TM" folder and replace "config.txt" with "config.txt.back" to restore your original configuration.

- Change/mute volume of each music channel's of the psp.

- Grab some informations about the PSP memory (Usefull to know how much space a prx plugin require) and battery.

- Set a default CPU/BUS speed at startup.

- Set a default brightness level at startup.

- Configure all the buttons/settings from the cfe menu.

Changes in 3.1

- Removed the USB autostart feature since the 5.00 fw include a similar function.

- Fixed a bug that prevented the auto-sleep and backlight auto-off features to work.

- Combo button's are back (change the cpu/brightness, take screenshots with a quick combo key).

- Fully configurable via the menu, changes can be saved. Note that there is now a different configuration file for game and vsh modes.

- Usb streaming recoded, based on the great work of Poison (hostcore). PC hard drive is redirected to the PSP, alowing streaming of homebrews, music, videos, and isos in any mode (sony, m33, umd..). Just select "Remap usb to ms" in the menu then browse your games like you usally do.

- Music player improved, can now be completly stopped from the menu, and/or properly restarted with another music directory source.

- PSP phat compatibility added, but in-game music player is removed for now (not tested).

- Gui colors configurable via the configuration files ("game.cfg" and "vsh.cfg") in ABGR hex format.

- Added the possibility to prevent the plugin to be loaded (hold L trigger) while starting a game, or load the light version of cfe (hold R trigger) so extra slim memory is not used, preventing some plugins (pspstates) to not work.


- Copy the content of the "seplugins" folder to the seplugins folder of your memory stick.

- Take a look at the file "game.cfg" and "vsh.cfg" files under "ms0:/seplugins/cfe" and adjust to your needs.

- Enable cfe_loader.prx under the m33 recovery menu (Hold R while starting the PSP) in vsh and game. (you may need to activate it under pops to make it work on FAT PSP, strange bug).

- Set cpu speed to default under the m33 recovery menu.


- Press NOTE + R to load the cfe menu (default configuration).

- You can DISABLE the cfe plugin by holding the L trigger button while starting the psp or a game if needed.

- On slim PSP, you can load the light version of cfe by holding R trigger button while starting the psp or a game so extra slim memory is not used. This can prevent some plugins (pspstates) to not work.

Download for Custom Firmware Extender v3.1 : http://ifile.it/jtrxeq5

LightMP3 Version 2.0.0 RC1

I'm here to release LightMP3 version 2.0.0 RC1
There are a lot of things I'd like to implement/fix/change but I don't really have much time to dedicate to this project, so I'm releasing it now.
In this release there are many bugs fixed and some new features (like the sleep now working and support for filename with foreign characters).

Please read the README, there are a lot of informations (and some useful notes for korean language).

Here's the full changelog:

Version 2.0.0 RC1
-Added: You can sort records in the Media Library (press TRIANGLE)
-Added: support for filename with foreign characters (àèìòù...)
Many thanks to cooleyes for the FAT driver
-Added: cpu clock set to minimum value when music is paused
-Added: French, German, Polish, Spanish language
-Added: Smoother progress bar
-Added: Icons for folder/music in file browser and media library
-Added: New ICON0.PNG and PIC1.PNG (many thanks to dario1crisafulli)
-Added: Display will turn off when HOLD is set to ON, and will turn on when HOLD is set to off
-Added: In Media Library when you select an artist you see an album's list (not a song list)
-Added: You can add a playlist to the current one by pressing start in the file browser (or square on the directory containing the playlist)
-Added: Option to change the media library root dir (look at the file "settings", this option doesen't appear in the settings tab)
-Fixed: Crash with some album art (switched to libjpeg, thanks to Kevin Kim)
-Fixed: Better Korean support (thanks to Kevin Kim)
-Fixed: Strings are limited inside the menu area.
-Fixed: Sleep bug for MP3 and ATRAC3+ files (doesen't work with OGG)
-Fixed: Some crash in the Media Library.
-Fixed: Bug in audioscrobbler log (wrong UTC time)

Download for LightMP3 Version 2.0.0 RC1 : http://ifile.it/b58ueag

Ultimate PSPTube v1.6

Sweet! JK108 has released an update for Ultimate PSPTube, which now has support for a grand-slamming total of 26 video streaming sites, right on your PSP. Aside from additional sites, Ultimate PSPTube v1.6 also incorporates a bunch of fixes most of you guys will surely appreciate.

Changelog for Ultimate PSPTube v1.6:

* Yuvutu is now included
* xHamster is now included
* Fixed a bug in YouTube where the thumbnail and title would display incorrectly for some results
* Fixed the VBox7 script so the videos now work again
* Made a few changes to how the description text is handled

With that said, now it's time to get busy! Choose your poison, guys. Here's the current list of supported sites:

* CrunchyRoll
* Dailymotion
* Google Video
* Guba
* LiveLeak
* MetaCafe
* MuchoSucko
* MySpace Videos
* MyVideo
* NothingToxic
* Pornhub
* RedTube
* Shufuni
* StageVu
* ThatVideoSite
* TNAFlix
* Tube8
* TubeIso
* Tudou
* VBox7
* Veoh
* Wanktube
* xHamster
* XVideos
* YouTube
* Yuvutu

The readme file in the download archive includes more notes and information on how to get your PSP to play videos from all of the sites this homebrew app currently supports.

Download for Ultimate PSPTube v1.6 : http://ifile.it/ndg1u3y

MyRandomGameboot v2

As the name suggests, this application is a random gameboot generator for the PSP. For those who are not certain what a gameboot is, the image below shows you exactly what a gameboot is.

From Dev. Total_Noob:

Changelog v2:

- Now, you can load 20 GameBoots
- Fixed a small bug
- PRX compressed to: 1'574 Bytes

Download for MyRandomGameboot v2 : http://ifile.it/oi9n3cd

VSH iRShell (beta)

If you find it a hassle scrolling through dozens of homebrew, here's a plugin to help you launch your iR Shell with a flick of two buttons.

VSH iRShell from Total_Noob allows you to load AhMan's iR Shell by simply pressing R + Start. It's simple, it's quick, it's going to save you one or two seconds of your life every time you use it.


* You must install first iRShell
* Download VSH iRShell and extract this in seplugins
* Write in vsh.txt: "ms0:/seplugins/vshirshell.prx 1". (without the ")
* Reboot the PSP and press R + START to load iRShell

A readme is included in the download below. As Total_Noob points out, there's still some bugs in this beta version, so you can expect some fixes headed your way in the future.

Download for VSH iRShell (beta) : http://ifile.it/c7l09wj

PSArchiver 0.15

What does this homebrew do?
Do you ever wanted to download homebrews without the use of a computer? Then it's your turn! Download a lot of homebrews right onto your PSP. Everything you need is a PSP and a WLAN Connection. Then, connect to the AP and start downloading your favourite homebrews.

List the homebrews alphabetically, search for them, have a look at other's favourite homebrews!

How to use?
All you need to do is to download this piece of software: psarchiver.freehoster.ch/psarchiver/psarchiver/EBOOT.PBP. Place it in X:PSPGAMEPSArchiver for clarity^^

When you have a look at a multi-page-category, press L and R to go to the next page(s). Press X to get to the "Info-Screen". Press X again to download the homebrew, circle to cancel.

Please post missing homebrews as a comment to the most recent entry here: psarchiver.freehoster.ch. Also additional feature-requests go there. Thanks!

Sorry, I can't post any links right now. You'll have to copy and paste the links above.

Have fun while you experience your favourite apps!

Download for PSArchiver 0.15 : http://ifile.it/bv4tc7f

VSH Module Descrambler

In 5.00 Sony took a different approach by no longer storing the floats in seperate words, but instead loading them using opcodes. This has made it harder to impossible for theme developers to find these floats, so we've decided to develop a tool to take it apart, and put it back together.

In order to use this utility, you must descramble the PRX file, and a file containing only the floats in the PRX will be returned. Modify whatever you want there, and then use the application to rescramble it again. All should be pretty straightforward.

Usage (descramble): scramble -d [input module] [output scramble]
Usage (scramble): scramble -s [input scramble] [output/input module]

Enjoy, source is included.

Download for VSH Module Descrambler : http://ifile.it/7ho4m3y

Davee's Unlimited Character Version and Mac Address Spoofer v1 and v2

[What is this?]
This is a spoofer (aka faker) for the information found in the XMB->Settings->System Settings->System Information. This version supports the firmwares of 5.00 and 5.02 and includes spoofing of both System Version and Mac Address. So you can personalize the XMB Information for whatever you need, including your own imaginary "8.32342 0xDEADBEEF" firmware and matching mac address.

[Changes from Last Version]
- Automatic detection of character set (Ascii/ansi or Unicode*)
- Added 5.02 GEN-A support
- Added Mac Address editing

Copy the "sysconf_spoofer.prx" to the "seplugins" folder on your MEMORY STICK and add a line to vsh.txt (or create one within seplugins folder) and add the line "ms0:/seplugins/sysconf_spoofer.prx 1" and then make a "spoofversion.txt" and/or a "spoofmac.txt" in seplugins folder. Within these, write your hearts desire; with either ascii (normal text) or Unicode* (special characters). Reboot your PSP, and be amazed at your system information.

Source code is included, if you have any questions, post in the relative thread(s) for this applications, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Download for Davee's Unlimited Character Version and Mac Address Spoofer v1 : http://ifile.it/dog6p5z
Download for Davee's Unlimited Character Version and Mac Address Spoofer v2 : http://ifile.it/6a9yipn

CTF Extractor for PC

This will extract the contents of a CTF and repatch the vshmain, paf and common_gui to the original prx state.

In same dir as ctfextractor.exe make a folder called "originals" and place an uncompressed vshmain.prx, paf.prx and common_gui.prx in a subfolder within with the firmware version. eg. originals/500/vshmain.prx ..

Reason for those prx's is so the program can load it and patch it and save it with the changes, like what CXMB does on the PSP.

Usage: Open command prompt and go to the dir containing ctfextractor.exe.
Type: "ctfextractor [ctf-file]" and replace [ctf-file] with the ctf file. It will make a folder with the same name as the CTF and extract it in there.

Download for CTF Extractor for PC : http://ifile.it/gz1avsu

Version Spoofer (unlimited characters)

[Important Info]
This version spoofer is designed for use with 5.00 firmware and will not operate on any other firmware.

[What can it do]
This spoofer can spoof an almost limitless amount of characters onto the screen. It loads up seplugins/spoofversion.txt and applies it on boot.

If you wish to change version you can edit in usb mode and once you reboot, the version will change.

[How to install]
Copy spoofversion.txt and version_spoofer.prx to /seplugins/, edit the vsh.txt in the same folder, and activate in recovery. To change version, just modify the the spoofversion.txt with notepad. Length is unlimited, but may not appear for several reasons.

Unicode is also supported for use. If you wish to use unicode, make a file in seplugins called "spoofversion_unicode.txt". Make sure its unicode data that is in that file. Unicode allows a greater range of characters to be used as opposed to ANSI.

This source is free to use, but please credit the authors if you use this code in your application.

Download for Version Spoofer (unlimited characters) : http://ifile.it/zgi8ya2

Descramble Patcher

This is for firmware 5.00 ONLY!

This release is mainly targeted at theme developers more than normal users, but they can use it if they wish.

If you haven't seen the VSH Module Descrambler, you will need to go and check that first, before using this.

This plugin allows to patch modules on-the-fly with the scrambles in ms0:/scrambles/*.
To use this is easy, all you have to do is get a scramble for the VSH Module Descrambler and put it in the ms0:/scrambles/ folder named the same as the module which it came from (vshmain scramble becomes vshmain.bin) with a .bin extension.

Using this allows quick turn around times for finding values in the scrambles. You can simply just modify it from the memory stick rather than descramble it from the prx, apply edit, rescramble and then flashing it.

Like I said, its more a debugging tool than usable device, but it does allow a flashless customise of prx's.

Remember some boot values are set in the RCO's (xmenu) and will not be visable until you go into a submenu and exit from it.
If you want it to be at a certian position, you may need to modify the RCO beforehand.

Copy seplugins folder to PSP root. (do not overwrite vsh.txt if you have existing plugins. Add the entry manually).
Copy correctly named scrambles to ms0:/scrambles/ folder.
Activate plugin in recovery.
Boot PSP.

Download for Descramble Patcher : http://ifile.it/y7wdgp3

Game Categories Plugin v3

- Added support for the custom firmware 5.00 M33-4 (due to the new Shutdown option being added, a lot of offsets changed).

This plugin allows you to categorize your game menu and keep it more organized.

- A PSP with 5.00 M33-3/M33-4 or higher (it may break in the future, therefor I will update it as soon as I have the chance to do so).

- Copy 'game_categories.prx' and 'vsh.txt' to the seplugins folder, if you already have a 'vsh.txt', modify it instead of copying the included one.
- Enable the plugin in the recovery menu.
- Create folders prefixed with 'CAT_' in the GAME, GAME150, GAME5XX or ISO folder.
- Fill them with everything you want to appear for that specific category (if you have the same category name in two or more folders they will be mixed).
- Keep the Sony file length limitations in mind, due to the name of the category being added to the total length, the length of each filename will increase even more. If a corrupt icon shows up, try lowering the length of the filename.
- Boot your PSP, open vshmenu and select the appropriate category (a new option will be added by the plugin, this will happen seamlessly and everything should keep working).

- If you change category while currently in the game menu, it will automatically leave the game menu and recache the directory.
- A 'Show all' and 'Uncategorized' option are available in case you need them.

Download for Game Categories Plugin v3 : http://ifile.it/8rwuh96

Slim Colors Patch

An update to my previous plugin, Slim Waves Patch.
Thanks to Davee for testing.

- Now supports 3.90, 4.01 and 5.00
- Name changed to 'Slim Colors Patch'
- Abandoned full version of the plugin

- Obtain 13-27.bmp and flash it to flash0:/vsh/resource. (this file changed in 5.00)
- Copy slim_colors.prx to the seplugins folder and enable it in the recovery.

This will allow you to choose the Slim background colors on your Classic PSP.
Have fun, source is included in the 'src' directory.

Download for Slim Colors Patch : http://ifile.it/ksar3y7

Despertar del Cementerio v8


- DC iplloader doesn't require to mspformat the memory stick.
However, in some memory stick it may still be necessary.
Just run the program and if you find an error at 99%, run mspformat and try again.

- Copy DC8 to PSP/GAME/

- Download Sony 5.00 update eboot and copy it to ms rootwith the name 500.PBP

- If you have a PTF custom theme set, quit it before running the program.

- Use the app under a 3.x+ kernel. The program may not work in versions prior to 3.03 OE.

- IF timemachine is installed in this memory stick, the program will ask you at the end which button(s) you want to boot DC7, otherwise no buttons will be necessary.

- Now you have a pandora ms ready to go, and you just need a proper
battery. If you have 1.50 kernel access, use c+d tool. Otherwise, use corly149 tool.


- Select the desired option in the menu (Install 5.00 M33, Install 5.00 OFW, etc)

- Nand operations-> nand restore currently performs a physical nand dump

This proccess is very dangerous, and you should *just* use it if it's your
last chance to get it working.

This is a physical restore process (not a logical one), and will try to make
a 100% exact clon of the dump.

If you are working with a dump that isn't yours, you will get either a brick
or a corrupt idstorage, depending on the firmware.

If while you are restoring your psp have got any damaged block more than
when you dumped it, you might also get a brick, depending on what block is it.
If you want to boot the recovery mode of the 5.00 M33 of the memory stick, boot
the psp with R+the key used to boot DC7 (if any).

- Lflash format (in nand operations menu)

This function performs a physical format of the lflash, creates the 4 partitions again, with the
user desired sizes (by default, they are set to the default of that system), and then performs
a logical format of the 4 partitions.

This function allows to fix some errors that appear in 5.00 M33 installation: Error assigning flashX, psp not booting after installing 5.00 M33, etc.

It is also useful for fat users that want to make flash0 bigger by making the other partitions smaller.

Note: the sizes shown in the menu refer to the size of the physical partition. The size of the
logical partition maybe a bit smaller.

No need to say that this operations deletes current content of flash. After lflash format, the
flash is empty, you need to install 5.00 M33/OFW.

- Create new idstorage (in nand operations menu, idstorage tools)

This function destroys the current idstorage (if any), and creates a new one.
It is useful when your idstorage has been corrupted and you didn't have a backup like hapenned to me with one psp

Keys restore: common keys, and for first time region/openpsid/dnas/certificate keys and umd keys.

What will and won't work after this?

UMD: yes.
Set time via internet (DNAS): yes
adhoc: not tested, but hopefully it will work
psn games: not tested but it should work. However your current bought games will not work, as your psp will be identified as a new device.
usb: yes, your psp and ps3 will detect it as a new device because the psp identifier (psid) has changed.
magicgate (drm videos/audio): it has not been tested, but it should NOT work, as a way to generate magicgates keys (0x10-0x13) has not been found (yet).

First step: select a region for your new idstorage. If your region is not there, just select
whatever one, also if it is there, you can select another one if you want
The region affects also umd videos/audios.

Second step (optional): Press enter button to find real mac address (wifi switch must be on).
If this step fails, then just press -> to continue and a random mac will be generated (in this case after idstorage creation, shutdown the psp, restart DC and goto idstorage tools -> fix mac, this time it should work unless there is a hardware problem).

Last step is to press enter, and your new idstorage will be created.

- Change region ((in nand operations menu, idstorage tools)

This allows to change the region of the psp and the umd drive. After this, your psp will be able to play umd's of other region.
As a side effect, your psp will be identified as a new device, so you'll have to download/buy
psn games again, configure ps3 remote control again, etc.


Note: If you are gonna use the memory stick to restore a psp other than the one that created it,
check if the file /TM/DC7/act.dat exists in the ms. If it exists, remove it, otherwise the restored psp may not be able to buy psn games until the user doesn't delete from flash2 the act.dat of the other psp. (act.dat files are unique for each psp).

Note that act.dat will be restored to the moment of the MS creation.
If you have bought other PSN game later, the act.dat file may have changed and if you restore the old one, you may loose the latest bought game.
Backup flash2:/act.dat each time after you buy something from the PSN!

Third party libraries

This program uses intraFont by BenHur to render firmware fonts.
intraFont modified code has been compiled in a separated prx, and its source
and the original license can be found in intrafont directory.

Download for Despertar del Cementerio v8 : http://ifile.it/7wnxy2k

Winnydows Commander 1.005

Some fixes.
iPhone have category folders now.
iPhone files browsing faster now.
For .app folders on iPhone have icons now (from icon.png).
Added thumbnails caching engine - next opening of folder with pictures much more faster now.
Explorer can read ApplePNG now.
Cleaner transformed to more informative applet.
Search path in search tool dynamic change now.
To context menu added Convert to ApplePNG and back function (for png files only).
Program can check updates now.
ISO compressor count speed and remain time now.
Tray menu reorganized.

Download for Winnydows Commander 1.005 : http://ifile.it/bpaq6yd

Winnydows Commander v1.004


Some fixes.
Added tools bar.
Search tool fixed and enhanced.
"My computer" now load so fast as it possible.
Added clipboard tool - clipboard manager with drag drop support.
Added ISO compressor tool - compress ISO to CSO and back.
To Explorer added info line.
PSP saves look better now.
For PSP saves added enhanced properties.

ISO compressor applet work with Microsoft Framework 3.5 SP1 only.

Download for Winnydows Commander v1.004 : http://ifile.it/ugvjytr

Fuse PSP

Fuse PSP is now out. New in this version:

* Fuse updated to version
* Miscellaneous bug fixes
* Support for compressed disks (see documentation)
* Option to enable/disable sound while tape is loading (only works with Fastloading disabled)
* Option to enable/disable “Issue 2” keyboard support
* Extra button options – Square/Cross/Circle/Triangle with L or R trigger held down
* Option to enable/disable tape fastloading (some games do not load correctly when enabled)
* Virtual keyboard: emulation should not lag as much when virtual keyboard is displayed
* Virtual keyboard: classic display mode (show when R held down), or toggle mode (show/hide when R is pressed)
* Added state exporting to other versions of Fuse – press Start while the ‘Save/Load’ tab is selected—an SNA file will be written to the snapshot directory
* Tape autoloading (not to be confused with save state autoloading, already in the previous release)
* Snapshots are now saved into PSP’s own PHOTO directory (/PSP/PHOTO), and can be viewed in PSP’s image viewer
* File selector snapshots – while browsing for games with the file selector, pause momentarily to display the first snapshot for the game

If you’re upgrading from an earlier version, I recommend backing up your save states, configuration files and ROM’s, and copying them to the new folders — as opposed to copying the new files over your current Fuse PSP directory layout.

Download for Fuse PSP : http://ifile.it/6k23yzo

3D Virtual Globe for PSP v0.53

3D Virtual Earth for the PSP has been updated last week by mifki with a v0.53 release (yeah, we're sure going through quite a backlog of brew during the holidays *hic!*).

The biggest addition to this release is that it now has new map layers, including those for both the Moon and Mars! Here are some notes from mifki:

This update doesn't contain any significant changes and only adds several map layers (eg. OpenStreetMap) and Moon and Mars layers which many users asked for.

See? It always pays to voice out suggestions and feedback for the devs. Yes, they're definitely out there... they're listening, and they definitely come in peace. Woot

Download for 3D Virtual Globe v0.53 : http://ifile.it/xbmo1np

Hold+ v3.5 and v3.51

This is a simple plugin I made a long time ago for my personal use. I just found the source code while going through some old stuff on my computer, so I thought I'd clean up the code a bit and release the plugin.

I realize that there are other plugins that feature similar functionality but I wrote my own because I wanted to be sure its coded optimally, as there are a few careless ways in which these functions can be improperly used (the point of this after all is to conserve battery life).

It does the following when the Hold switch is enabled:
* Switches off the LCD backlight.
* Switches off the actual LCD screen.
(This is important because the backlight and actual screen are two different things. You can have an image being displayed on the screen while the backlight is switched off, such that you can see the image if you use a flashlight. You can also have the screen switched off while the backlight still illuminates the powered off screen.)
* Underclocks the CPU to 60MHz
(Sony has changed the clock speed functions such that only certain combinations of speeds work correctly. Simply trying to underclock to arbitary values will result in the CPU simply running at the stock speed. I have verified that Hold+ successfully underclocks to 60MHz.)
* The original screen brightness and clock speed are restored when the Hold switch is released.
* Prevents the PSP from going into suspend mode if you accidently push the power switch too far when turning off Hold mode.
* Allows complete operation of the PSP controls with the display turned off.
* Turns off LEDs in hold mode. LEDs are flashed once in 30 seconds so that the PSP is not mistaken to be powered off.
* While in hold mode, allows the use of Left, Right, LTrigger, RTrigger, Volume and Start buttons, if you hold the Select button first. Useful to skip songs, pause etc.

Additional Features:
*Enables the 5th brightness level.

Download for Hold+ v3.5 : http://ifile.it/als3bhq
Download for Hold+ v3.51 : http://ifile.it/ia5dy0f

PaintOnXMB v1

As the name states, this lets you draw anywhere on XMB or In-GAME!

A basic POC / Framework for upcoming TweakDISPLAY module with GU acceleration for extrordinary performance improvements.

Have fun, Draw anywhere and it REMAINS! Enjoy!


CIRCLE - New Random Color
SQUARE + CIRCLE - Reset (Clear all)

Download for PaintOnXMB v1 : http://ifile.it/f5v20cd

TweakDISPLAY v0.9.965

This plugin lets you apply a choice of about 22 Never-before-seen effects in real time, in both GAME mode as well as in the XMB, for a totally new PSP experience.


-> NEW EFFECT: Grayscale
-> NEW EFFECT: Oil Paint, makes everything look very artistic.
-> MAJOR: Center Mirror Optimized to Full Speed (60 FPS XMB benchmark)
-> MAJOR: Contrast Boost algorithm Optimized Close to Full Speed.
-> Dramatic reduction in number of CPU instructions every loop
-> Flip Mode buttons applied in GAME mode also.
-> Misplaced Flipped Keymapping for the wrong effect; effect couldn't be changed at times. Fixed.
-> Can directly switch to Flipped XMB when TRIANGLE+VOLDOWN is pressed
on start.
-> Removed FPS display
-> Made Effect names more comprehensible.
-> Changed Brightness Boost Keycombo - TRIANGLE + SQUARE + Analog Up/Down

Download for TweakDISPLAY v0.9.965 : http://ifile.it/hixywur

EffectsMB v1

Psychedelic color effects for the PSP XMB.

Download for EffectsMB v1 : http://ifile.it/48mpl17

XMB Screensaver v1 and v2

This plugin is written to launch a purpose written screensaver eboot after a predetermined
amount of time (approx 3.5 minutes) of no activity in the PSP's XMB menu.

The screensaver timer is reset any time you:
- Press a button,
- are watching a movie with the XMB video player
- are playing music with the XMB music player
- Hhve an open USB mass storage connection
- are using the integrated web browser
- are using the PSP GoCam!

Thanks to califrag of QJnet forums for some pointers for getting this working properly.

This plugin consists of two prx modules that must be copied to ms0:/seplugins directory.
You must also have a folder ms0:/PSP/SCREENSAVER with a screensaver eboot in it.
The first module "screensaver.prx" detects and times inactivity, and then starts the
kernel mode "ssload.prx", and passes a command to launch the screensaver eboot.

The screensaver eboot could potentially be replaced with some other homebrew that you'd
like to run after 3.5 minutes of inactivity for some reason.
The screensaver app is run from it's own folder so that it doesn't show up in the Game menu.

The included "Multimesh", "Plasma", and "Flamez" screensavers are all compiled for this
plugin so that they exit after any button press, and the XMB is subsequently restarted.

If you do not want to see the coldboot splash screen you should disable it in recovery mode.

Download for XMB Screensaver v1 : http://ifile.it/0ezljho
Download for XMB Screensaver v2 : http://ifile.it/pl9b03h

Luaprog v1.0

Hi all this is the new version of luaprog

- Multiwindow (2 maximum X + right or left)
- New GUI
- Increasing the data base
- Ability to delete faster ([] + R)

Download for Luaprog v1.0 : http://ifile.it/nhsyqkv
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Jelly Clock v1

Hi Guys,
Jelly Clock is a little demo based on the PSP Jelly physics library I decided
to have a play with. It was originaly written by Walaber, and ported to the
PSP by Drakon of QJnet forums, and ps2dev.org.

Usage is fairly simple, The only controls are zooming in & out which is done
with the up & down directions on the D Pad, and pressing Cross will produce
another set of digit body instances which will temporarily slow down the display.

This program isn't more than a demo, but maybe I'll update it a little further.

It's a little hard to see the time, so one idea for improvement is to only
replace the digits that change, rather than replacing all six digits every second.

Thanks to Drakon, and Slasher for giving me a few tips on using the physics library.

Download for Jelly Clock v1 : http://ifile.it/2xvn8lr

Lockdown In-Game v2.0

Lockdown In-Game will require you to enter a password when you resume your PSP from suspend mode. Useful to prevent other people from messing up your progress if you put the PSP in suspend during a game.

Put it in the ms0:/seplugins/ folder and make an entry in GAME.txt (e.g. ms0:/seplugins/lockdown.prx).

It is recommended that it should be the very first entry in GAME.txt (How ever if you also have Hold+ installed, then make Hold+ first and lockdown.prx second).

Use the included exe to create a password file (buttons.ini) and put it in ms0:/seplugins/

If you also have the flash0: version of Lockdown installed, then this will detect and use the same flash0: password.

It only works in GAME mode. It will not work in the XMB.

Its recommended that you don't suspend the PSP while a game video is playing. This includes cases where the main menu has a video in the background etc.

To be specific: You can suspend the PSP while a video is playing. But when you turn it on again and it asks for the password, do not suspend it again while in the password screen. Instead, enter the password to resume the game, then suspend it. This is ONLY necessary IF there was a video playing when you suspended it. Normally you can suspend it again in the password screen even without entering a password.

Greatly improved suspend/resume method.

Should be compatible with all games now. (Any problems with suspend/resume are probably due to the No-UMD driver that you have selected)

You can suspend the PSP again in the password screen without entering a password using the Power switch.

Download for Lockdown In-Game v2.0 : http://ifile.it/2pt5f7x

Lockdown XMB Style Beta-3

Big time thanks to Dark_Alex for his VLF library, without which this would have been impossible. Also thanks for adding the Plugins Disable feature in 5.00M33-2

Now uses the XMB Wave as the background.

This can brick your PSP if improperly installed or due to bugs as it is a BETA.

Copy the following files to the flash0:/ root directory.

Rename flash0:/vsh/module/vshmain.prx to vshmain_real.prx
Copy the included vshmain.prx to flash0:/vsh/module/

Reboot the PSP and verify that it is working. If everything is fine, then proceed to do the same for recovery.prx if you want to protect the recovery menu as well.
Rename flash0:/vsh/module/recovery.prx to recovery_real.prx
Copy the included recovery.prx to flash0:/vsh/module/

Enhanced Security (Optional):
Since 5.00M33-2, you can disable the loading of plugins in the Recovery menu, under Advanced Configuration. If you set XMB Plugins to Disabled then it is impossible to bypass Lockdown using plugins.

If you create a blank file in flash0: called "loadplugins.txt" then Lockdown will load the XMB plugins after the correct password is entered, even if XMB Plugins is Disabled.

There is a small problem with having Lockdown load the plugins though. Some plugins which hook functions by waiting for the target firmware module to start may not work, because the module would have already been started before Lockdown loads the plugin. Such plugins have to be manually installed in the pspbt*nf.bin files before the modules they try to hook are loaded.

If you are not using the Disable XMB Plugins options, then there is no problem.

To change the color of the wave you can hex edit address 0x1D8 and change the value corresponding to each month (in hexadecimal).

Presently the theme file is called lockdown.argb and is not compatible with Lockdown v3.0 themes as the current version can only load ARGB uncompressed BMPs. The graphics used are included to help make custom themes.

Changelog BETA-3:
Enhanced security. Plugins cannot be used to bypass the password.
Optimized memory usage.

Changelog BETA-2:
Fixed a problem where ISOs would not show up in the XMB.

Download for Lockdown XMB Style Beta-3 : http://ifile.it/avqe7gx

Recovery Editor v4

What's it?
It's a simple tool for Windows XP/Vista that allows you to edit CF Recovery Menù and VSHMenù colorous!

-Added the possibility to change colours of CF 5.00M33 Recovery Menu (CF 5.00M33 VSHMenu will come with next release!)
-Added a function of PREVIEW of your CF 5.00M33 Recovery Menu!
Now you can see the preview of how the new recovery will appear in your PSP directly from this program!
-Added an explanation of the fixed "B" values functionality.
-Added an image near the PRX mode choosen (internal or external) to mark what mode is selected.
-Changed the Credits window.

Download for Recovery Editor v4 : http://ifile.it/hvp1mao

JellyEditor v1.1.1 (for PC)

I've got confirmed that editor is working now fine. I repacked it with tutorial made by walaber and uploaded it again. So if you want to make some nice levels, editor is here.

Download for JellyEditor v1.1.1 (for PC) : http://ifile.it/3e0yzbs

PSPersonalize v1.0

Vampire and DrEggman have just released a program called PSPersonalize. This program allows the user to change the background image of your PSP. Please read all related info on this program before using it, this change will be permenant and you will need to reflash the original images (available below) to return to stock.

Here is what the creators had to say:

PSPersonalize is a PSP program that lets you replace the background images in your PSP menu. On the PSP, there are 12 backgrounds, one for every month. This program lets you replace any image you want with your own custom made images.

Read everything before taking any steps. We are not responsible for any damages in result of this application. Use at your own risk.

Here’s how it works:

There are 12 images in your PSP:

01.BMP - January
02.BMP - February
03.BMP - March
04.BMP - April
05.BMP - May
06.BMP - June
07.BMP - July
08.BMP - August
09.BMP - September
10.BMP - October
11.BMP - November
12.BMP – December

To insert your own images, simply put your own 24-bit BMP file in the root directory of your second memory stick. The filename should match the number of the month you want to replace. (Ex: I want to replace November so I would create a .BMP called 11.BMP and place it in my 2nd memory stick)

Do NOT put these images in any of the directories in your memory stick, the software won’t find them in this case.

Ok, now that we know how to replace the images, we have to know the rules. First, images can’t be any larger than 150k. That’s a resolution of about 300x170. The reason for this is that anything larger causes your PSP to not load icons properly. Second rule, these images must be 24bit. Do NOT use images that are 16bit or 8bit color.

Credit goes to Vampire for writing the app and DrEggman for testing / artwork.

Read all related info on this program before using it! Use this program at your own risk.

Download for PSPersonalize v1.0 : http://ifile.it/i5h89eo

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Default spriteices applications section (mediafire)
Welcome to my Section!

I have almost every OFW and CFW every released, scroll down to the bottom of this post to download.
you can request apps aswell and if you have a problem with one of my apps just let me know and i will do everything i can to help you.

in my section i have lots of useful applications, the most useful plugins i can find and specially made applications for OFW 1.50. you can also find Custom Firmware and Official Firmware.

if you have any questions about these apps dont hesitate to ask.
all of my downloads are on mediafire. if there are any broken links i will re-upload. any psp apps or help you need just ask and i will see what i can do. all of the apps in this thread are tested and working with 4.01m33-2 with 1.50 kernel addon. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR PSP. NOT THAT ANY DAMAGE WILL OCCUR, THIS IS JUST INCASE.
dont for get to leave +rep if you download.
thanks to all the creators of these apps and all of the contributors of this thread.
Guys i strongly support OFW 1.50 users so i am uploading a few of my applications for them (adhoc file transfer, umd dumper, psp filer etc.)
IF you are using OFW 1.50 applications, there will be a corrupt icon in the game menu. DO NOT DELETE THIS.

Kindly +rep the contributors of this thread:

click here to give mandinggo91 +rep

click here to give 4znkelvin to +rep

click here to give Berenice +rep

click here to give our newest member, SyIar, +rep

click here to give +rep to me, spriteice123

Here is one PSP game for you:
Need for speed most wanted:

part 1: mediafire.com ?dyqymmk3nmn
part 2: mediafire.com ?ziwjdnndncx
CSO format: 153 mb
Ripped: update, padding
tested and working on: 3.71m33-4, 4.01m33-2, 5.00m33-6

Do you want PSP games from Mediafire? fast downloads? Well then click here!

Main PSP applications section:

with IR shell by ahman, you can turn your psp into a universal remote (IR driver included: sircs.prx), launch UMDs, UMD backups, UNZIP AND UNRAR FILES, launch many homebrews, listen to music, file managment and much more. place folders PSP and IRSHELL in the root of you memory stick (IR shell for OFW 1.50 included) and if you want to auto boot irshell every time your psp turns on copy the seplugins folder to the root of your memory stick. photos coming today.



download link: mediafire.com ?yqmdklcy20d

IRSHELL 4.8 PATCH DOWNLOAD:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?pi2yfkannzj

IR shell for CFW 5.02 GEN-a:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?hwjzndkq0qc

type up new word document in your psp with different color font, different font, different font size etc.

download link:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dfnl1qyj2yg

1.50 Kernel Addon for 3.90: RECOMMENDED
use most 1.50 homebrew on 4.01m33. on this thread it is required to use psp filer and the gameboy advance emulator. place the 150k_addon folder in ms0/psp/game and the 150.pbp in the root of the memory stick. THIS WILL DELETE KOREAN LANGUAGE AN LOCATION FREE PLAYER FOR MORE SPACE IN FLASH0. ONLY FOR PSP PHAT.

download link:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2gq5y2m2yon

1.50 kernel addon for 4.01m33/4.01m33-2: RECOMMENDED
use most 1.50 homebrew on 4.01m33. on this thread it is required to use psp filer and the gameboy advance emulator. place the GAME4XX folder in ms0/psp and the 150.pbp in the root of the memory stick. THIS WILL DELETE KOREAN LANGUAGE AN LOCATION FREE PLAYER FOR MORE SPACE IN FLASH0. ONLY FOR PSP PHAT.

download link: mediafire.com download.php?znomii0yw5l

1.50 kernel addon for all 5.00m33 firmwares. RECOMMENDED
use most 1.50 homebrew on 5.00m33s. on this thread it is required to use psp filer and the gameboy advance emulator. place the 150k_installer folder in ms0/PSP/GAME5XX and the 150.pbp in the root of the memory stick. THIS WILL DELETE KOREAN LANGUAGE AN LOCATION FREE PLAYER FOR MORE SPACE IN FLASH0. ONLY FOR PSP PHAT.

download link: mediafire.com ?me2jcymdzbm

adhoc file transfer:
with adhoc file transfer you can send files from one psp to up to 8 other psps. place in ms0/psp/game. use L/R buttons to browse through your files.

download link: mediafire.com download.php?nho1wjyxywn

ir remote for psp:
control tvs, airconditioners and any ir controlled devices with this app. place UR_~1% & UR in PSP/GAME folder and the remotes folder on the root of your memory stick. MUST HAVE 150 KERNEL INSTALLED. IN RECOVERY MENU, MAKE SURE GAME HOMBREW FOLDER IS 150 KERNEL. PHAT PSPS ONLY.

download link:http://www.mediafire.com/?omjm9pitijr

clean and dump the keys on your psp for smoother gameplay and backups if something happens to go wrong. place KeyCleaner folder in ms0/psp/game150. 150 KERNEL NEEDED TO USE. PHAT PSP ONLY.

download link: mediafire.com ?ag8dcxxgi11

PSP file manager: RECOMMENDED
manage files, rip umds and order your xmb icons personally just some of the features in this app. Note: O is select and X is cancell/back. m33/oe firmware users must have 1.50 kernel addon installed. place in ms0/psp/game150.

PSP filer 5.7:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?m0o3jy0nzty
PSP filer 5.8:http://www.mediafire.com/?2dhvmzyu3jd

Game Boy Advance emulator:
play your favorite gameboy advance games on your psp. m33/oe users must have 1.50 kernel installed. put the %__SCE__GPSP and __SCE__GPSP folders in ms0/psp/game150. place roms in 'roms' folder. gba bios included and working

download link: mediafire.com download.php?zzjsyalzxmw

about 8 awesome roms: mediafire.com ?sharekey=36f7c1b87c98d56191b20cc0d07ba4d2d72df675 853d0695

pandoras battery tool: RECOMMENDED
this can softmod any original fat psp battery into a pandoras battery and back again. to turn on yor psp with a pandoras battery, take it out, put the charger in then turn on your psp and insert the battery. ONLY FOR PSP PHAT. put ospbt_060 in ms0/psp/game.

download link: mediafire.com ?tj1dtjmadbj

Sega Genisis Emulator for psp:
play your favorite sega games on your psp. sonic 1,2,3 and sonic and knuckles roms included. place in ms0/psp/game.

download link: mediafire.com download.php?mfj9ujgws1y

hellcats recovery flasher ( WORKS ON ALL M33 FIRMWARE AND OFW 1.50): EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED
backup your current firmware, up/downgrade any cfw flash fresh firware copies and recover semi bricks with this app. you can install 1.50 OFW, 3.71m33-4, 3.80m33-5, 3.90m33-3, 4.01m33-2 or 5.00m33-4. you need 150.pbp, 371.pbp, 380.pbp, 390.pbp, 401.pbp and 500.pbp wich are not included. but they are down this page. place revovery folder in ms0/psp/game. and version.pbp in recovery. sorry for outdated screenshot, i cant take a screenshot in this app for some reason. where it sais "install clean ORIGINAL FW" it reall sais "Install fresh OFW 1.50" so you can downgrade any m33 firmware back to 1.50 without pandora and back again. if you are running OFW 1.50, place the 2 folders (%__SCE__rflash and __SCE__rflash) inside FW1.50 folder in ms0/PSP/GAME. but only if you have ofw 1.50

download link:http://www.mediafire.com/?zzzne8nnnxn

Super Nintendo Emulator For PSP: RECOMMENDED
personally my favorite psp app. has a nice allround feel. bomberman 1,2,3,4 and 5 are included. place in ms0/psp/game.

download link: mediafire.com download.php?fmqunkmgtui

psp tool:
usefull for many of your pandora needs. injects tm ipl to your memory stick and also softmods pandoras batteries. place in ms0/psp/game.

download link: mediafire.com download.php?nkntdmzmyyz

time machine:
temporarily install OFW 1.50 (phat only) and a few other custom firmwares. place in ms0/psp/game. yiou need 150.pbp 360.pbp and 340.pbp to use. not included.

download link: mediafire.com ?y4mi01gtoeg

umd dumper:
dump your umds directly to your memorystick in is or cso 2-9 format. play a minigame while your waiting. also has cool music. place in ms0/psp/game.

download link: mediafire.com download.php?3z4pgjgvnmn

ultimate psptube 1.5
watch many online videos from sites such as youtube, metcafe, redtube etc. beware for youngens: this does have links to porn sites! place in ms0/psp/game.

download link: mediafire.com ?tymnczq3pzj

OFW 1.50 Applications Section:
Umd Dumper:
ump your umds directly to your memorystick in is or cso 2-9 format. play a minigame while your waiting. place DUMPER and DUMPER% into ms0/psp/game.

download link:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jmnimjy4inw

PSP filer:
manage files, rip umds and order your xmb icons personally just some of the features in this app. Note: O is select and X is cancell/back. place folders FILER and FILER% into ms0/PSP/GAME.

download link:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?yzmij2xu1ey

this is a PC program that can repackage most modern day homebrews and convert them into OFW 1.50 compatible format. i used it to repackage the above two programs.

download link:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zmvyjcm5m3j

use devhook as a time machine for OFW 1.50. you can emulate versions as high as 3.03 with this psp application. Detailed instructions included in the download. psardumper and pbp unpacker included.

Device hook:


download link:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wnelnogdyjt

wab version changer:
with this you can play games ment for 2.00 on version 1.50. it spoofs your firmware version to make your psp think it has version 2.00 when in acyuall fact, it still has 1.50. place WabVersionChangerV2 and WabVersionChangerV2% in ms0/psp/game

download link:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gtmwhg3zj0j

Pimp your PSP:
ever sick of the same 1.50 version theme? pimp it out with PIMP my psp! unpimper included. changes font, sounds and background.

download link:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nn2mmotewzm

Plugins Main Section:

update: screenshot plugin:
take a screen shot of your psp at any time. place seplugins in the root of your memory stick. use the recovery menu to activate them.when activated press the note key(music tone) to use. i used it for all of the above pictures. update: now you can take screenshots in 1.50 kernel games

download link: mediafire.com ?mgyhw4z09jy

battery meter plugin:
with this plugin you can easily see the battery level in percent without going into settings. it displays the excact bettery amount (ie, 76%) in the top left corner. copy batteryinfo.prx to seplugins and vsh.txt if you dont already have one. if you do then edit the vsh.txt. activate in recovery menu.

download link: mediafire.com ?cy04oopszce

hold 3.5+
when this plugin is enabled and you put your psp in hold, the backlight turns off and your psp is underclocked to 60mhz to save ALOT of battery power. put hold.prx in seplugins and add an extra line to game.txt, vsh.txt and pops.txt. readme included.

download link:http://www.mediafire.com/?mjw1zmd1djy

ultimate VSH menu for FW 5.00 m33
adds more function to the 5.00 m33 VSH menu. place vshmenu.prx in seplugins folder and add another line to vsh.txt.

download link: mediafire.com download.php?dms5dwmcmhj

Slim colors patch: (only has use on phat PSPs)
ever wanted those extra colours that the PSP slim has on it on your phat PSP? well this is what your looking for! readme and 13-27.bmp includedincluded.

download link:http://www.mediafire.com/?jtoj2zymmjh

Firmware Section
Custom Firmwares:

OFFICIAL Firmwares:

Miscellaneous Section:

Magic memory stick makers: (for use with pandoras battery)
hold down L trigger while turning on to activate
you need the firmware file to use. download above

these patches allow firmwares above 3.71 to have a much faster memorystick read/write speed making your iso/cso games load alot faster. fatmsmod.prx is included.
THIS WILL FLASH FILES (but its worth it)
3.80/3.90:http://www.mediafire.com/?mwmimmdmgdi - place the folder PSP and the fatmsmod.prx in the root of the memory stick
4.01: mediafire.com ?qmmso2md8ds - place the fatmspatch folder in ms0/PSP/GAME and place fatmsmod.prx in the root of your memory stick.
5.00: mediafire.com ?s5matbkxzup - place the FATMS371 folder in ms0/PSP/GAME and the fatmsmod.prx in the root of your memory stick. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE RUNNING CFW 5.00M33-6
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