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 psp cwcheat..

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PostSubject: psp cwcheat..   Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:28 am


Download Links:

CW Cheat (App):

CW Cheat v2.2 Rev A for ALL Firmwares (1.65 MB, RAR Compression)


mediafire.com ?dtdzlsi1i2y


megaupload.com 743X1YJQ


sendspace.com 78r9k8


rapidshare.com CW_Cheat_2.2_Rev._A.rar.html

CW Cheat v2.0 For ALL Firmwares (1.03 MB)


mediafire.com ?2ymmdjwibbs


sendspace.com hymcrb


megaupload.com TCV1ZRJB

rapidshare.com CW_Cheat_v2.0.zip.html

CW Cheat v1.9 Rev. G For All OE and M33 Frimwares & PSP Slim (1.16 MB):


mediafire.com ?bsdnbnlmbnn


sendspace.com y711rb


megaupload.com ZNFEUKT7

CW Cheat Database Editor v2.00 (In RAR Compression)


megaupload.com C2AN5ATM

Database Files (In ZIP Compression):

Sendspace: (Update #12, 492 KB)

sendspace.com one3zd

Mediafire: (Update #12, 492 KB)

mediafire.com ?kjto3o9ymzs

Megaupload: (Update #12, 492 KB)

megaupload.com KP3O2TTH

Rapidshare: (Update #12, 492 KB)

rapidshare.com POPs-Game_DBs__UPDATE__12_.zip.html

Gigasize: (Update #12, 492 KB)


File Factory: (Update #12, 492 KB)

filefactory.com B>


NOTE: All Downloads Are Above and have Mirrors so No Worries

Step 1. Download CW Cheat 2.2 Rev. A for 1.5 or a CFW depending on Your Firmware.

Step 2. Download The Database files above for the newest and Most updated cheat list. (#11 As of 12/13)

Step 3. Connect your PSP to the computer using a USB cable.

Step 4. Open the CW Cheat .rar/zip file and extract the Contents of "INSTALL" for a PHAT PSP with any FW besides 3.71, "INSTALL_371" for a PHAT PSP with 3.71 M33, or "ALL_SLIM" for any Slim PSP, to the root of your Memory Stick. (The first Level That contains the folders "PSP" "MP_ROOT or VIDEO" and "ISO")

Step 5.
SLIM: Rename ALL_SLIM to "seplugins"

PHAT: Copy "seplugins" inside of MS_ROOT to the Root* of your Memory Stick.

*The root is the top level of your Memory Stick in My Computer. It contians the folders, MP_ROOT, PSP, and VIDEO and PHOTO if you're on 3.0X OE or later.

Step 6. In the .rar file, also extract "dbdownload". Extract the folder "dbdownloader" to the folder "GAME" or "GAME150".

Step 7. Extract the .db files from the .rar file you downloaded from above. Extract them to...

X: seplugins->cwcheat (X being the drive letter of your PSP in "My Computer".) Overwrite the old .db files.



Step 8. Exit USB Mode.

Step 9. Fully Turn off your PSP by holding the "ON/OFF/HOLD" slider up for 10-15 Secs.

Step 10. Turn your PSP back on while holding the "R" Trigger (The right sholder button) to enter recovery mode. The Recovery Page should appear, with the Menu names Toggle USB, Configuration, Run Program..., Advanced, CPU Speed, Plugins, Registy Hacks, and Exit. You Want "Plugins"

Step 11. Hit X once "Plugins" is highlighted.

Step 12. Hit X on both "cwcheat.prx [GAME]" and "cwcheatpops.prx [POPS]"
so they say "Enabled" in parantheses next to each.

Step 13. Hit the back button

Step 14. Scroll Down to "Exit" On the homepage recovery menu.

Step 15. Your PSP will procede to boot up as normal. Go to the "Game" Column and scrolll down to Memory Stick and hit X.

Step 16. Procede to load up your ISO/CSO or PSX EBOOT. While in-game press and Hold select to bring up the CW Cheat Menu.

Step 17. Choose "Select Cheats" From the menu. If there is Cheats a list of cheats will pop up for that game. Before each cheat name is "[Y]" or "[N]". If you want to use that cheat press X when it's highlighted to turn it from [N] to [Y] or Vise Versa. Before Proceding to play the game and use the codes, make sure at the home page of the "In-Game CW Cheat" Menu The "[N] Enable Cheats" is "[Y] Enable Cheats" Not "[N] Enable Cheats. If this is not "[Y] Enable Cheats", The Cheats won't work even tho you checked them in "Select Cheats".

PS: I'm not Familiar with the SLIM so if the Instructions are wrong, please let me know!


3/29/07: Updated to upload 4. Added the latest DB for GAME from the CW Cheat Homepage.
4/11/07: Added Castlevania: SOTN to the list. (It was already on the DB file just I didn't post it in the update part. Working On Silent Bomber! I also uploaded CW Cheat v1.7. there is 2 versions, one for existing users, the other for new users. Added page logo!
4/18/07: Started Combined Thread
4/21/07: Updated POPs DB with Cheats from Soulbanner, Uploaded to both Mediafire and Sendspace
5/18/07: Updated both POPs and GAME DBs with new cheats and also uploaded the newest CW Cheat.
6/8/07: Added UPDATE #7 with 6 Download Mirrors. It is only 85 KB. Added many Final Fantasy Games. ;D
6/28/07: Added UPDATE #8 and fixed FFT Item Code. All 6 Mirrors ;D
6/29/07: Updated CW Cheat to v1.8. Uploaded to 3 sites, and added the Latest DB download right in it. Now there is no need to download a new Update for DBs until UPDATE 9+.
8/8/07: Added Update #9 and CW Cheat v1.9 Rev. A which has support for 3.XX M33! Finished request for Brigandine Codes!
9/6/07: Haven't updated the log in awhile so I thought I would. Plugins are reuploaded as well as being on top of requests. CW Cheat Database Editor v1.82 is also uploaded to Medifire. Mirrors will come soon...
12/13/07: Haven't updated the Log or Thread in awhile so the thread gets a MAJOR overhaul with new Links, new downloads, and new TUTORIALS!
2/06/08: I have fixed the SLIM problem thanks to the help of S L E E P and Oblivion and added that to v2.0. Now just follow the Tut and everything will work great!
3/29/08: Finally updated. The cheatpops.db as thousands of games in it, and I have uploaded the latest Database Editor, as well as CW Cheat v2.2 Rev A.

Please do not request them if I put up a warning that there is not codes I can find or if there is already a request for that game or if there is about 15 requests. I will try to acquire the codes in a timely manner, but I have school so I only have afternooons.

I hope this helps some people as I was confused too. If there are any problems with the uploads please let me know and if you need a different download site please check if it's already there or if someone has already requested it.
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psp cwcheat..
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