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 country story cheat face book

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PostSubject: country story cheat face book   country story cheat face book Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 10:04 am

1. Go water a crop to earn exp or do something that gains exp.
2. Select firefox.exe as process, tick hex, 8bytes,asrom
3. Scan "5D8B00000564840F"
4. 1 address found. Right click > disassemble > Right click the code selected > Go to address. Copy out that address and paste into the top textbox in the generator below.
5. Scan "738B000000F6840F"
6. 1 address found. Right click > disassemble > Right click the code selected > Go to address. Copy out that address and paste into the second textbox in the generator below.
7. In the generator, you can now select the amount you want to cheat in the dropbox. (ie: 1 Riego = 50.000 coins)
8. Click Enviar and copy out ALL the codes generated.
9. Now back to the Cheat Engine, click on Tools > Auto Assemble
10. Paste the code generated into that space and click EXECUTE
11. Now go water any plant and the game freeze. When it unfreezes, save your game. Upon reload, your money has increased!. HAVE FUN. Try values lesser than 100.000 if you want to continuously water your plants. 100k coins seem to hang the game.

Guys, try using FLOCK browser if you find that you hang too often.


Gain trophies easily.

I did this cheat using:

* firefox (works on ie7 too. just tested it)
* flash 9
* cheat engine 5.5

Select firefox.exe in the CE process list.

1. Water a crop OR take a stone/wood from a friend's farm

2. Scan 'F685DC758B104389' (Hex, 8 bytes, ASROM)

3. Only 1 address found. Disassemble it.

4. Scroll a few codes up and you will see this line " mov ecx,[ebp-1c]"

5. Select this line (left click it!)

6. Go to Tools --> Auto assemble --> Template --> Code injection --> OK

7. You will see a paragraph of codes.

8. Change these
mov ecx,[ebp-1c]
mov edx,[ecx+10]
mov ecx,[ebp-1c]
mov [ecx+10],186a0
mov edx,[ecx+10]
(for the smarter ones, it means inserting that middle line between the 2 codes)

9. Click EXECUTE.

10. Now watch your trophies coming in as you

* water a plant
* plow a ground
* collect crops
* visit friends
* etc

PS: Corn trophy seems to disappear at lvl 3.


Gain 2000 exp easily. You can only do it once so make sure you save the game (step 8-step9) before making your next 2000exp. Just follow these steps.

You will need:

* firefox
* flash player 9.0 (this cheat does NOT work with flash 10)
* ce 5.5

Step1: Do anything that gains EXP points
Step2: Scan "FC2444C7C1580FF2" (hex, 8bytes, ascrm)
Step3: A few addresses will be found. Only one will end with a digit 4. That is the address you want!
Step4: Right click, disassemble
Step5: You will see this line "addsd xmmo, xmm1". Right click it and "Change Register at this Location"
Step 6: Tix EBX and insert value "7D0" (seven dee zero)
Step 7: Now do anything that gains EXP and you will get 2000.
Step 8: Now click on Define Style in Country Story. It will save your game.
Step 9: Do anything to gain EXP and you will get another 2000. You will need to enter Define Style and change something to save before you can gain another 2000 points.

Have fun!
Oh and i can't possibly make everyone happy. So for those who wants the babe of the day, here you go in a tiny thumbnail :p so it's not irritating for those who do not want it. You can click on it for a bigger view. Anddd nobody cares if you don't find her hot :p


When you reach level 8, you will get a quest "Man's Best Friend"
This quest gives you a dog which will "protect" your crops. With this cheat, you can complete this quest without having 15 friends with 100friendship points.

Using CE 5.5, flash 9, firefox

Step 1: Open the "Man's Best Friend" quest
Step 2: Scan 4E8B10438B104389 (hex, 8ybtes, asrom)
Step 3: Only 1 address found, disassemble it
Step 4: Right click this line "mov [ebx+10] eax"
Step 5: Select "Change register at this location"
Step 6: Tick EAX and insert "f" as the value. Press OK
Step 7: Open the dog quest again and you will get the dog.

Remember, you will only get this quest at level 8.


You will need: firefox/ie, cheat engine 5.5, flash 9

Step 1: Select firefox/ie as the process.

Step 2: Using the Photobucket tool, either make a new farmplot or remove the roots of a harvested plant.

Step 3: Scan 75FFE85DDD0CC483 (tick hex, 8bytes, also scan read-only)

Step 4: Only 1 address should be found. (if no address is found, try walking around and using the Photobucket tool again. Then scan again until 1 address is returned.

Step 5: Right click this address and disassemble it.

Step 6: A few lines below the whole chunk of codes, you will see this line "jmp XXXXXXXX"

Step 7: Right click it and select "Change register at this location"

Step 8: Tick EAX and input 999 as the value.

Now you can Photobucket as many farmland as you want, regardless of your level. Just remember that this process is not reversible.


1. Do an activity that requires stamina
2. Scan 8889CA2BC22A0FF2 (tick hex, scan read-only, 8bytes)
3. 1 value will be found. Dissemble it
4. Double click the address and change the next line from "sub ecx,edx" to "sub edx,edx"
5. Click ok, and go back into the game.


1. After selecting the country story process, pick up a stone/wood.
2. Search 00000004B86C4189 (tick hex, 8bytes, tick also scan read-only)
3. Only 1 value will be found
4. Disassemble this value
5. A few lines down will have a line "jmp XXXXXXXXXX"
6. Select this line and press DEL key on your keyboard
7. Click OK on the popup
8. Now your stone/wood will not disappear. Use a mouse clicker to make things easier Smile
9.You can find the link to a mouse recorder in my previous post.


1. After getting into Country Story, DO NOT do anything which will increase your exp points.

2. Using Cheat Engine 5.5, select Country Story in the window list.

3. Scan for your current exp value using DOUBLE value type.

4. Double click all the values found.

5. Click new scan, scan for current exp value using 8 bytes value type.

6. Double click all the values found.

7. Click new scan, scan for current exp value using 4 bytes value type.

8. Double click all the values found.

9. Now change all the values that you saved to whatever value you want your exp to be.

10. Click on market and click back on your farm. You should see the new exp value.

11. Save your game and enjoy your new level! =D have fun COUNTRYSTORY-ing!

ps: It is easier to scan for the values if your level is higher. It seems that lower level scan will return more values which makes it difficult to change.


fore more cheat guids tips and info go here - click ME
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country story cheat face book
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